A Better Way to Travel?

My wife and I just returned from our annual vacation a few weeks ago. It was just last week that we returned from a wedding, where we saw a handful of our closest friends. Thinking about future vacations in light of our experiences with these most recent trips, I have started to contemplate the most enjoyable and frugal way to travel. Despite popular belief, I think that it is possible to increase entertainment while also lowering the costs of traveling.

Typical View of Vacation

Growing up, I have understood vacation as a great way to get away from everything and everyone. In fact, this is what our anniversary trips have consisted of. A nice secluded cottage or a cabin in the wilderness fits nicely with this way of thinking. A vacation is seen to separate yourself from the normal life and to re-charge your batteries.

In many ways, this line of thinking matches the individualism of U.S. culture. I definitely think that people enjoy these sorts of vacations partially because their everyday lives are so busy. I know that I enjoyed sitting in a hammock and just reading. Yet, as I think about it now, vacations seem to epitomize the American dream. The farther you can be away from everyone and everything, the better off you are. The one catch with this type of vacation is that it typically costs a lot of money. Most exotic resorts can costs $500 per night at minimum. For young adults, this makes vacationing seem like a distant dream, instead of a reality.

Alternative Way to Travel

Instead of looking at traveling as a way to get away from it all. Why not spend it with those who matter most? My wife and I are thinking about traveling to Hawaii next spring and have been thinking about going with some good friends so that we can split the costs. Traveling with another family or couple that you are friends with sounds like the perfect vacation to me. You not only get to travel with people you care about, but most of your costs are automatically cut in half. This means that we could rent a timeshare that would have plenty of space (most likely a larger common space) and be more affordable than renting a single bedroom. As you know, my wife and I prefer to travel off the beaten path and would much rather rent from a private owner than stay in a hotel somewhere. With the ability to do your own thing for a couple of the days, while also being able to celebrate with friends, I don’t see any down side.

Have you had a group vacation? Did you enjoy it more than traveling solo?

8 Responses to A Better Way to Travel?

  1. Financial Independence says:

    Typically we prefer secluded beaches and quiet vacations, after all busy life. So no, not really. Sometimes it is a good thing to do if you have closely aligned friends.

  2. Michelle says:

    I REALLY want to go on a group vacation. I’m going on an all girls vacation next month, but I would really like to go on a couples vacation soon.

  3. We went to visit families and friends this year for vacation and it was a lot of fun. We rarely get to spend time with them so it was really nice to see people we care about again. I’m thinking about a family vacation to Hawaii next year too. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    I love vacationing with friends! I’d love to go on a vacation with my parents when my dad feels up to it again. He’s been through Cancer treatments and surgeries and I think he deserves a nice relaxing vacation.

  5. Robinsh says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and advising us for getting better way to travel whenever we plan to travel in coming months, for me this tip will be helpful very soon and I’m going on a trip with my family at a famous hill station Darjling here in India.

  6. Grouping together with other couples is an excellent way to travel. Every year, my fiance and I take a trip to Dominican Republic with two other couples. We all split the cost to rent a 3 bedroom house and share in grocery expenses. A kitchen is included so we take turns cooking at the home, saving even more money.

  7. I’ve taken short trips with groups – a couple days at the beach, a couple days in the mountains – and had a great time. I’m sure I’ll continue to do those. Just last weekend we also attended a sort of destination wedding with several other friends, so we got to spend some time with them and some time by ourselves exploring a new city. I like this types of trips a lot.

    I’ve taken one true vacation with friends – one other couple, a few years ago. It was awesome! We went on a cruise though so there were no economies of scale. I think the best way is to spend some time with the group and some time alone with your spouse so you don’t have to compromise all the time on what to do.

  8. I like both types, myself. This weekend I went to a huge camping event with lots of people; plus, our last few vacations have been with lots of friends and family. It can be very tiring to see lots of people all the time. The next trip will be the long weekend with just my spouse and lots of downtime 🙂