Best of 20s Finances: 2012

Even though I have already written a personal reflection of 2012, I felt that it was appropriate to also do a nice reflection on the way that this site has developed in the past 12 months. I started blogging in August of 2011 and it is already 2013. I still can’t believe how fast this time has flown by. In many ways, I have seen a lot of success, but in others, I have a lot of untapped potential. I hope to change this in 2013.

5 Most Read Articles for 20’s Finances

In case you just started following my blog in the past couple of months, I figured I would feature the five most read articles from 2012. As I searched to find the most popular articles, I was reminded of all the hard work I have put into this site to make it a valuable resource for young adults.

1. The Best Way to Track Expenses – One of the first challenges that young adults face when it comes to money management is figuring out how to track their spending. Those who make no effort with this will find out fast that it is hard to limit your spending as well as prioritize it if you don’t know where it’s going in the first place.

2. Using Rental Properties as Retirement Income – Many employers have 401(k) or 403(b) accounts, but that is often not enough to retire on, even after you include social security. Another option is to acquire and manage rental properties. Not only does it provide you some nice rental income in retirement, but the value of the homes typically increase over time, making your nest egg that much larger.

3. Furnishing an Apartment for $600  – This is a post for those who are frugal to their core… or for those who are like me and had to find a cheap way to furnish an apartment with little money on hand. Between all of the furniture you need to buy (couches, bed, kitchen appliances, etc.) it can be quite pricey. Some people spend 4 to 5 figures just on putting stuff in their apartment. I was able to do it for as little as $600 without sacrificing much. Find out how I did it.

4. My Financial Goals – The post that I wrote over a year ago still seems to be popular, and for good reason. It is a great introduction on how and why to use financial goals to motivate yourself to success. I set this ambitious goals in order to motivate myself to further financial success. I was happy to see that I have accomplished almost every one of them already, pushing me to establish new goals just a couple months ago. If you want to push yourself, especially at this time of the year, this could be the thing for you.

5. Is the Highest Paying Job the Best One? – I consider this to be one of the core crises that young adults face. While perhaps not the majority anymore, many young adults are starting earn a decent amount of money. It seems like millions when you compare it to the average income of a college student. This is often the point where young adults are forced to ask themselves whether working the job that they hate is worth this money. Some will turn it down, following their passions, but many others will stick it out to pay for their expensive toys. I don’t buy into this mentality and don’t think that anyone else should either.

2012 Blog Statistics

I typically don’t tend to share many of my traffic statistics. Part of that is because I have remained stagnant for far too long. I figured it was better to hide my shortcomings, than to own up to them and actually do something about it. Well, the time has changed. It’s a new year and it’s time to take a new approach to this part of managing my blog. While I don’t see myself updating all of you on my statistics on a regular basis, I figured I would give you a sneak peak.

In the past 12 months…

  • Over 46,000 different people have come to my site (that’s kind of cool to think about)
  • Those visitors have looked at approximately 120,000 pages
  • The average visitor spends 2 minutes on my site (these days it’s hard to talk to someone on the phone for more than 1 minute, so I consider this a success).
  • 1/2 of the visitors who come to my site each month are new and the other 1/2 are my loyal readers. Thank you for your continued support! I can’t tell you how much it means to me.
  • Been featured on several major news websites (as can be seen at the top of the screen).

When I stop to look at all of the achievements that I have made, especially when I think about how my blogging experience helped me get my latest job, I couldn’t be more thrilled! I still run into people today who do not understand the power of having my own personal finance blog (they still think a blog is something like a personal diary, instead of a way to present contextual information in a valuable medium to a unique audience). There are other people who instantly become jealous and want to do the same thing, but give up after realizing how much time it takes. To have survived blogging for this long is a huge accomplishment. Part of me may still wish that I could have more success, but I also know that it takes time, hard work, and a little bit of luck to become a big name on the internet. Maybe one day I will get there, but until then, I am going to enjoy the success that I achieve each and every year.

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