Best Smartphone Apps for 20-Somethings

As of January 2013, there were over 750,000 apps in Apple’s App Store alone. Trying to find great apps is getting harder and harder every day. This post will highlight a handful of apps that I feel are “must haves” for 20-somethings. Most are free, but some do cost a few dollars. The ones that do cost money are worth the price in the end.

These apps will cover a broad spectrum so without further ado, lets jump into the list!

Evernote (Free)

Evernote advertises themself as a personal digital assistant, and it’s spot on. Evernote is a traveling notepad that syncs with computer. Use your iPhone to copy an image, take a photo, record a voice memo, or write a note, and it appears on your computer and vice versa. It also recognizes your written text, within limits. This app is great for college students taking notes or even for grocery list making.
The free version stores a large amount of information, but there is a version for $45 a year if you need more space.

C-Mobile Craigslist Client (Free)/ CraigsPro+ ($1.99)

How did we ever survive before Craigslist? Thanks to these two apps, the power of Craigslist comes right to your Smartphone! Now you can hunt for apartments, cheap furniture and roommates while on the go.
Both apps allow you to browse ads, reply by email, and share ads by email or text and you can post your own ads as well. By shelling out $2, you get more functionality on top of what I just listed including multi-city searches and push notifications of new listings.

Dropbox (Free)

I love Dropbox. It’s a free file storing location on the cloud. By having the app on your computer and smartphone, you will always have your files with you, wherever you go. The app takes 5-10 seconds to sync to the cloud to pull all of your files.

Billr ($0.99)

There are other apps out there that help you split the tab when out with friends but this one is worth the $0.99. Features include splitting the tab between 16 people, divvy up the price of an item between only those that ordered it, adds tax and tip, and then text the amount they owe to each of your friends. How great is that?

Gas Cubby ($1.99)

I was hesitant to spend the money on this app, but my friend told me I had to get it. I have to admit, the app is great. The app tracks your gas mileage and service for your car. You can even add in your VIN, license plate, and customize service reminders. The app supports multiple cars as well.

After each fill up, I enter in a few pieces of info and the app tell me how my MPG was for that tank of gas. It then averages out my MPG for all of the entries and totals how much I’ve spent on gas, service or both. It’s a real eye opener when you see just how much you spend on gas. It also encourages me to drive smarter, trying to get better mileage each tank.

Final Thoughts

These are a handful of the apps I use that I feel are “must have” apps. As I mentioned at the start, they cover a wide range of topics, so hopefully you found one that you can take advantage of. Of course, this is just one man’s opinion. I’d love to hear from you about your favorite apps and why.

6 Responses to Best Smartphone Apps for 20-Somethings

  1. I have the Evernote for iOS app and it’s really doing amazing stuff for me. I’m so glad it exists.

  2. Dropbox is an app I have on my phone. Whenever I need to share a file or files with someone, I make use of it. It’s really helpful.

  3. Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing. Will look into some of these. Although I must say, I’m always wary of actually purchasing apps rather than downloading free ones. My reasoning for this is that I typically don’t use all of the apps on my phone all at once or sometimes I may not use them at all. So I would hate to thing I wasted money on something I end up not using or liking.

  4. I’ll have to try DropBox – sounds like a great tool! Most of my apps are shopping-oriented — I like Coupon Sherpa and Valpak for access to coupons. I don’t like clipping our carrying coupons so these apps make it easy to get extra savings at checkout. I also like the Cloth app because it helps me catalog outfits, which in turn keeps me from spending needlessly on new clothing when I can just refer to previous looks for inspiration.

  5. How could we forget about Pandora? If you’re in college studying, then Pandora is a great app for listening to music without having to worry about finding a song. One of my favorite apps is the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. I use it for digital copies of sheet music on my Ipad. It really comes in handy when I’m playing guitar for church or home.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My wife swears by Paprika — it costs around $5, but it’s AMAZING for collecting recipes and building shopping lists simply and efficiently (for example, if one recipe needs 2 eggs and another needs 1, when you put both recipes in the shopping list, it’ll automatically tell you that you need 3 eggs).