Budgeting Survey

Do you enjoy budgeting? After issuing the Dollar Challenge and publishing the Dollar Challenge results, I found out that some personal finance bloggers do not enjoy budgeting. Yes, can you imagine that? Well, I would like to figure out a little bit more, so I am issuing another challenge of sorts. I want your input. Do you enjoy budgeting? Well, okay, I have a few more questions that I would like you to answer, but it won’t take long.

Everyone is invited. Even if you do not have a blog, please fill out the form. I want to hear your responses to my questions.

For all of my readers that have a blog of their own, there is an extra incentive for you to fill out the challenge. The top 5 responses to the last question will receive a link from my future post that publishes the results of this survey. If you think you have what it takes to offer great advice on budgeting, please fill out the form.

All it will take is 1-2 minutes. Aren’t you curious how people will respond? I know I am.

Stay tuned for the results. I plan on posting my results in January.

If you are concerned about people knowing that you don’t budget or that you don’t like budgeting, don’t worry. All information will remain anonymous. The only reason that I ask for your blog name and url is to give you credit for your advice. If selected as the top 5 tips on budgeting, your blog name and url will be used next to your advice. Other than that, all other responses will remain anonymous. That’s it! So rest easy… and join in on the fun!



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