Car Insurance Basics that May Surprise You

You probably know that your auto insurance protects you if you are in an accident. If you have collision coverage, you most likely know that it covers repairs to your car. If you have comprehensive insurance, you might simply call your agent after a calamity and expect him to make you whole again. Even though comprehensive auto insurance doesn’t cover everything, you might be surprised at some of the things it may cover.

Your teen driver is covered if he or she has a valid permit to drive. That might be news to people who have not told the insurance there is a teen driving their car. The catch is that you must list all drivers of your car. When the child becomes licensed, the insurance will change but, until then, he or she will be protected as will your car.

Your pet’s vet bills may be covered if it is injured in a crash. Of course, you should take safety precautions with the animal. Dogs and cats should ride in carriers, but if none is available, they can be harnessed.

Your car is probably covered if you loan it to a friend. If a tree falls on it or it drops into a sinkhole while in their custody, repair bills will probably not spell an end to your friendship.

If a deer crashes into you, comprehensive insurance will cover the repairs, up to the value of your car.

If your car is damaged when you drive into an area where there is rioting, comprehensive insurance will cover you. Your car is also covered from rioting rodents. In winter, squirrels and mice crawl up under the engine to stay warm, and they nibble on wires.

In some cases, the pests may also chew in warm weather to cut their teeth.

Damage to a car from being washed away in a flood is covered, too.

In fact, comprehensive auto insurance covers accidents other than crashes. Comprehensive insurance is different than collision and it protects you in many situations. The time to get comprehensive, though, is before something happens. If you need comprehensive coverage, or if you aren’t sure what your current insurance includes, speak to a local insurance agent. Your car is a big investment, and it is important to protect it.

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