Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Service Review

Investing can be a difficult thing for young adults. It’s hard to know what to invest in, where to start investing, and how to know when something is a good investment. These challenges often keep young adults from investing (and consequently investing in their future). Unfortunately this not only means that they are missing out on an opportunity for exponential growth, but also delaying the inevitable: learning how to invest.

Part of the problem that I think young people face is not having anyone or anything to help them. It seems like everyone has a different opinion on investments, so the uncertainty continues. Sometimes it is helpful just to find a second opinion without having to pay a lot of money and sacrifice a part of the returns on your investment. An affordable alternative to the professionals who charge a lot of money for their advice seems necessary. This is what I found when I was asked to look at Chaikin’s Portfolio Health Check Service.

What is the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Service? How Can You Use It?

Chaikin provides a service to help you evaluate the strength of your portfolio. On a weekly basis, it provides you with the information to help predict the movement of your stocks. It is based on a 20-factor model of analysis, which is also known as the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. In essence, this rating system uses 20 points of information about a stock and produces the ranking in a red-to-green display (Green meaning bullish and red meaning bearish). This analysis, which is updated weekly, helps you predict where your stocks are going to be in the next three to six months.

While it won’t tell you what you need to do exactly or where you should invest your money, it will give you recommendations. In fact, the best use of the service seems to be in assisting the investor to perform regular portfolio adjustments based on this information. In fact, the CEO of Chaikin Stock Research describes its use more fully in a video on Fox Business. As he describes it, this service helps you perform stock swapping. For those who are buying individual stocks, it could help you avoid any unnecessary losses. In other words, if you currently own a stock that is predicted to plummet, why not switch it out for a stock that should go up in price?

If you are wanting to get started as an active investor, this service might provide the additional peace of mind that you need to get started. I know that I have not made the leap to becoming active trader because of the fear of losing my precious, hard-earned money. With my luck, I would invest in a stock and it would plummet. Yet, it is this philosophy that creates a need for such a service. The review of the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check service in Barrons quotes the CEO of Chaikin as saying:

“Instead of buy-and-hold, we believe in buy and prune,” says Chaikin. “Buy good stocks, but also get the weeds out of your garden before they take over.”

In other words, it gives the investor another layer of information in order to avoid any possible bad investments. While I think it is a great service, it should not discourage investors from doing their own research on companies and stocks before making investment decisions. As I see it, it provides an easy-to-access source of information about the climate of the stock market so that investors can make informed decisions.

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2 Responses to Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Service Review

  1. That’s an interesting service Corey. Does it provide back testing so you can see how accurate the ratings was? Also, do you know what kind of analysis is used to arrive at a prediction (i.e. moving averages, revenue/earnings, growth rate, etc.)?

  2. Interesting service. I appreciate the disclaimer at the end. To me, that is important too, as too often, we allow tools to dictate our decisions. If the data supports doing so, fine. However, that is not always the case.