Exciting News! Web Update #4

While this week has been a whirlwind as I have been fighting off a nasty illness, 20’s Finances has taken off. My alexa ranking is dropping like crazy and I am establishing myself in the personal finance world.

In case you have not heard, I am the new staff writer at Life and My Finances. I am excited about being part of an established personal finance blog. If you haven’t checked out my first article as a staff writer, please check out my tips to save on your next house purchase.

Other News:

I continue to get featured in weekly carnivals. Here’s the latest. Feel free to check them out:

Yakezie Carnival at Broke Professionals
Carnival of Personal Finance at Mrs. Nespy’s World
Festival of Frugality at My Personal Finance Journey


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20 Responses to Exciting News! Web Update #4

  1. Congratulations on the position! You write very well and would be a great Add to any financial blog.

  2. Cory,

    Congratulations on the writing position! You have worked really hard and I’m glad it is finally paying off for you.

  3. Derek says:

    Glad to have you Corey! Your writing is excellent and you are providing fresh, new ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. Can’t wait for the next article! 🙂

  4. Congrats on your new staff writing position! Glad you’re feeling better too.

  5. Doctor Stock says:

    Congrats on your writing position. I haven’t been here much, but I’ll drop in again for sure.

  6. Congrats on the new gig. Derek has a great site and you write great articles so it is a win win.

  7. Buck Inspire says:

    Congrats Corey! Way to link up with a powerhouse like Derek. Good luck with the new gig!

  8. great to know you are a staff writer for another staff writer 🙂

  9. Congrats on the new opportunity! Great site to write for also! I’ve been reading Derek’s post there and have enjoyed some of what he’s got to say!

  10. Meant to tell you. If you are ever interested in another staff writing job, let me know.

  11. Congrats all around! I see that we both broke the 200,000 Alexa barrier tonight. Wishing you much continued success!

  12. Suba says:

    Congrats on all front!

  13. Steve Ryan says:

    Congrats on landing the staff writing position @ getting below 200k on Alexa! Keep up the great writing!