Finfluencer: How Influential Are You?

Many of my friends know me as a technology expert. Part of this is because when there is a problem with their device, I am able to solve many of their questions/problems/glitches. It’s not just my friends, but also my colleagues. In fact, one coworker attributes my skill with computers to my age, while others probably think that I’m some sort of wizard.

What they don’t know is that I’m just an average joe – or at least that is how I see myself.

I may be able to solve some of the most basic issues, but what they don’t know is that I use other tools or resources that often, if not always, available to them. The truth is I have no formal training in computer systems or IT. The only true difference is that I know of (or am able to quickly find) these resources that they do not know of. That and some experience. Once you solve a problem the first time, you seem like a genius when you solve it the second time without Google or any other resources.

The beauty of technology in this day and age is that it’s not only available to more and more people, but it’s answering new questions each day. Just this last week I learned of a new tool called Finfluencer.

What is Finfluencer?


Finfluencer is not just a website, but a tool created by Transamerica that provides individuals with a score that represents how active they are when discussing the financial services industry. The best part of it is that it works from your activity on Twitter. It uses a fancy algorithm to accomplish the following:

  • Scans all of your tweets for specific financial service related key words
  • Takes a look at who in the financial industry you follow
  • Crunches the data and produces a score to let you know just how “Finfluential” you are

As it turns out, the financial services industry is the second most popular topic discussed on Twitter – with the entire industry being mentioned over 1.5 million times per day. This not only gives Finfluencer enough data to function, but it also makes it that much more important for Finfluencer to exist. With more and more individuals and professionals using twitter to share, promote, and engage in key conversations, this makes the Finfluencer site even more interesting.

When you look at the factors that go into the finfluencer score, you can see that it’s not just a metric of how often you tweet things with key financial terms, but it’s also evaluates who you are following on twitter. In other words, what resources you use to inform your own decision. The combination of the quality of sources and the quantity of key terms makes it a more accurate algorithm in my opinion.

While I don’t know the future of Finfluencer, I can definitely see the potential and purpose – plus it’s fun to compare scores amongst friends. Regardless of your intention, you should give it a try. If you are curious how Finfluential you are, visit the site and let the site do the rest.

*This post is sponsored by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Make sure to consult with a qualified professional to help with financial decisions.

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