Gaining Control of Your Spending

What with socializing, holidays, shopping and financial temptations at every turn, your twenties can be a difficult time to save up.

However, by getting control of your spending and becoming more financially savvy in your youth, you can help to ensure a smoother financial path in the future.

A useful new infographic from MYJAR, shows us exactly where it is our money is going. By taking a few minutes to study it, we can get a good idea of where we can make some savings and start putting some money away for that rainy day.

If you are in your twenties or early thirties, one of the most obvious savings you can make is on takeaways. The infographic shows that, on average, those aged 25-34 spend twice as much as those over 45 on fast food treats, adding up to a whopping £100 a month.

Women could also save a lot when it comes to gym membership and toiletries with most spending around £800 a year compared to just £442 for men.

If you ever find that your finances won’t quite stretch to your next payday, MYJAR offers good value short-term loans that can help to take the strain off of your finances and give you the financial flexibility you need.

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