Get Sophisticated Flats in Kolkata with Your Budget

For those interested in traveling or the readers who live overseas, Kolkata is one of the cities in India where expansion is happening. Kolkata is one of the cities of the English Raj Era and is ever struggling to renew itself because many of its larger buildings are considered heritage buildings and can be transformed only within to some extent, whereas the exterior must remain the same. There is, however quite a number of building projects going on and the city is expanding towards North and East as well to the South. The Western side is flanked by the river Hoogly and the expansion on the other side, in Howrah, is also ongoing.

The people of Kolkata have also become aware of modern amenities and quite a number of old residential buildings are demolished and new buildings with many amenities comes up instead. The city, which was not thoroughly planned like New Delhi, has become quite congested and few parks and tree-lined roads are left. The newly built flats are at par with other cities but are slightly less costly, although the prices may appear very high for the local residents wanting to shift to a newer flat. There are Flats in Kolkata that one can rent, but again the rates are at par with other cities if you want one with good amenities.

One of the expanding areas is the satellite town of Rajarhat. It is considered a good place to reside one can easily commute to central Kolkata via public or private transport. A metro station between the old and the new Rajarhat will further ease daily commute. The area has many commercial establishments and health providers like nursing homes and hospitals.  A lot of schools are also available, from the very expensive private schools to the public ones. It will, therefore, be a good place to invest in for either a residential or commercial purpose.

The new part of Rajarhat called New Town has seen and will still see a lot of new housing complexes coming up. These new housing complexes have flats ranging from 1 Bedroom, hall and kitchen (BHK) to 3 and 4 BHK. The habitable areas range from 650 to 1950 square feet (sq.ft.). The housing complexes are most often situated on larger plot of land (for example 6 to 8 acres) and they contain outdoor facilities like swimming pool, landscaped gardens, jogging paths, children’s playground, parking area etc. The necessary infrastructure may also include water harvesting, community hall and 24×7 electric provisions. Security is normally rated as one of the essential benefits of living in a housing community where guards, security cameras placed in strategic places and entry electronic entry cameras for each flat.

The price range for a 2-room flat in one such housing complex may be from 45 Lakhs to 1 Crore according to the space purchased. The prices are for super built-up areas. PLC, Car Parking, Maintenance, Club charges etc. as applicable in each housing estate. Quite a number of people purchase a small 1 or 2 BHK for week end purpose as it is easy to reach some greenery or village atmosphere from Rajarhat. Some singles also purchase a 1 room flat a so called studio here as it eventually will be easy to rent out to a IT personnel.

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