How I Got 4 Movie Tickets for $9

The secret to sticking to your frugal commitments is to find creative ways to splurge without breaking the bank. One of the major areas that my wife and I cut back in our budget is in entertainment. Living in one of the most expensive regions in the U.S. on a modest income forces us to cut back in some areas in order to make ends meet and invest for the future.

A great example of our commitment is that we just recently cancelled our Netflix account. We aren’t avid movie watchers and Netflix decided to raise their prices. It was only a difference was only $5-$6 dollars, but it was an issue of principle. I couldn’t let a large business get away with this big of a increase in prices just because they offer a premium service. Cancelling our Netflix left us without our most popular way to splurge in our entertainment category. We had to find another affordable option for entertainment.

Why We Usually Stay Away From the Movie Theater

Our commitment to stick to our budget often forces us to stay away from the Movie Theater. Going to the movies is really expensive. An average movie ticket ranges from $12-$15 per person. For just two people, this means that you are spending $24-$30 just on the tickets. If you have a larger family, this adds up quickly. This may mean a huge sacrifice for some, but we just can’t bring ourselves to paying that much for a movie, no matter how much we want to see the latest movie.

How We Got 4 Movie Tickets for $9

Just when we thought we were destined to boredom or financial ruin, my wife and I got a great deal through Living Social. Living Social was offering a special deal that allowed you to buy two movie tickets for $9. So, what else did we do, but buy right away. There are some deals that are just too good to pass up. But wait, there is more. I know you are wondering if I made a mistake when I said 2 tickets for $9, instead of 4 like the title of this post suggests. There’s no mistake.

What is Living Social?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Living Social, it is online service that offers local deals. All you need to do is to sign up for their email list according to your region and the deals will start coming to your inbox. There isn’t a charge for signing up. You only have to pay for the deals that you want to buy.

They even give you an opportunity to get your deal for free. If you decide to purchase a deal and share it on twitter or facebook and 3 other people buy the same deal through your link, you get yours for free. This is how I got 4 tickets for less than the price of one. I bought one and then my wife bought one with my link. Then, it just so happened that at least two other people bought the same deal through my link. The rest was history.

What’s the Catch?

I know you are probably asking, “What’s the Catch”. I was wondering the same thing when I first heard of Living Social. Technically there is none. There are no hidden fees and all of their deals are legitimate. Some people frown on Living Social because it encourages impulse purchases. I agree that it can do this. If you are trying to save money and you think that it might force you to change your spending habits, then I wouldn’t recommend this service.

You Can Get Great Deals Too!

If you are looking for great deals that you would otherwise buy, sign up to start getting great deals from living social. If you don’t like what you see, you can always unsubscribe.

28 Responses to How I Got 4 Movie Tickets for $9

  1. I’ve never gotten enough people to sign up using my Living Social link to get anything free. 🙁 Either way, I use them all the time. There is the risk that your coupon will expire so you have to make sure you’re buying products or services you’ll use. I’ve got 2 tickets I purchased through a daily deal site burning a hole in my wallet as I write this. There are 2 more I need to redeem through Fandango that I also bought from a daily deal site. Although I paid about $5 per ticket, it still beats the $11 you pay at the movie theater.

  2. My wife once got ten free tickets, but that was because there was chewed gum in the bottom of her popcorn.

    My wife and I usually go to the local drive-in movie theater. Tickets are $7 per person and you get two movies at the already discount price of one.

    There is also a local discount theater that costs $2/ticket, but shows movies that have been out for three months or longer.

    • Corey says:

      Wow – that is disgusting! No wonder she got that many free tickets. The drive in sounds like a decent deal too.

  3. Aaron Hung says:

    hmmm Interesting site, I will look into this Corey. Tickets are getting rediculous nowaday, i remember when it was just like 5-8 bucks at the theater

  4. Score! We haven’t gone to a movie in ages. It’s just more convenient at home and now that we have a kid, a movie is really out of the picture.

  5. I love social buying deals, especially when it is for movie theater tickets. My husband and I LOVE going to the movies; even though the price has risen substantially, it’s something we refuse to cut out of our lives.

  6. charles says:

    That’s pretty good deal! I haven’t gone to a movie theater in such a long time, mainly due to increasing prices. $10-15 for a movie does seem to become more ridiculous than ever. But for $9 for 4 tickets is fantastic!

  7. Great score. We rarely (aside from the vacation) spend on entertainment too. We did keep the streaming from Netflix and cancelled the mailings. Those daily deal sites can really help lower costs.

    • Corey says:

      I agree. I decided to get rid of Netflix altogether. I’m too busy now-a-days and I can get movies from the public library for free.

  8. Doctor Stock says:

    Wow… nice. The only way I get such a deal is when someone calls and says I’ve got some free tickets for you.

  9. I used to use Groupon often, but I’ve never tried Living Social. Got tired of Groupon because you “have” to use your groupons before they expire, which just adds to my to-do list. Now I’m devoted to Scoutmob. It’s only in select cities, but it gives no-obligation half-off deals.

  10. We utilize the coupon sites but only for stuff we are going to use. We have gotten movie deals before that have worked out well. Where people run into trouble is when they buy coupons for stuff they won’t use. Then you are just wasting money.

  11. MoneyCone says:

    I used LS once to get their $20 amazon gift card for $10! Pretty sweet deal while it lasted!

  12. 101 Centavos says:

    We’ve not made use of social networks.. yet. We’re tightwaddish enough to infest the dollar theater, and sneak in snacks.

  13. My favourite way to splurge for the gf and myself is to go out for sushi. Ordinarily it’d be pretty expensive, but we’ve found this great 4 table place that gives us crazy discounts because we go there so often (at least 3 times a month). We still spend $30-$40 per visit, but it’s so worth it!

  14. catawba says:

    Great tips! I also got discounts from Groupon for recommending it to my friends. These sites are great!

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  17. Buck Inspire says:

    Nice catch! My wife and I use these coupon, discount sites. I love the deals, don’t get me wrong, but I always wonder how restaurants stay alive. $25 dinner for $10? Granted it is for advertising, but I’m thinking if they sell too much, they might go out of business!

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  21. I am a huge fan of daily deal sites and have used them for things I would already buy, and to stretch my budget. I’ve bought a bunch of dental visits for $35 (exam, X-ray, cleaning), for example, which is really helpful for our family without dental insurance.

    I was excited to get a deal for a local ethnic grocery store from Living Social and had DH buy one, too, but didn’t get enough people on board to get it free. Maybe I’ll sign up the kids…

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