How Much Stuff Do You Have?

My wife and I are in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. As such, we have to get our current house in order to go on the market, which means one thing: cleaning and organizing. I am sure that most people experience the same feelings as we are now when moving, namely, where did we get all of this stuff? But it has greater meaning now because our families were asking us about our Christmas lists not too long ago and what we wanted.

Maybe it’s because we are hyper-sensitive to more stuff or maybe we are just getting older, but the idea of more stuff was nerve-wrecking. Because of this, it really made us think as to what we need versus what we want. Here are just a few things we have settled on as gifts and some other insights regarding moving.

Our Wish list

For the most part, our wish list was gift cards. I know they aren’t exciting, but they are what we want. Mainly gift cards to the home improvement stores as we will have to paint and do some other decorating. We were also asking for gift cards to stores like Home Goods to help decorate as well. We were also asking for some gift cards to Amazon, because obviously, you can get just about anything there and the money will help out either while we pack up our current house or unpack and need things for the new house.

From there, our list is made up of little things we want; after all, we are allowed to indulge a little bit!

Another Benefit of Moving

While packing all of our stuff up is tedious work, it forced us to go through everything we have and really question if we need/want or even use everything around our house. This has one great benefit that I hope does not wear off in time: really questioning all of our purchases.
I have done this in the past ever since I dug myself out of credit card debt, but as with most things, we get a little more complacent over time. Moving has really jumpstarted the idea of questioning things again.

For instance, there are some things I want but I am holding off on buying. I want to see how much I really want it in a few weeks. If the feeling has worn off, great, I will move on. If it hasn’t, then I will look into the purchase some more. But many times I have realized that the urge to buy something was purely emotional and in the moment. Once I held off, I forgot about it and never looked back.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the idea here is to really look around your house (assuming you are not moving) and ask yourself about most of the things you have. Do you need them? Do you use them? Would you miss them if they were gone? Odds are you wouldn’t miss many things. This isn’t to say get rid of it all, but maybe get rid of some stuff. And also, use this knowledge to question new purchases. Doing so will help you with less stuff and help you save some money.

One Response to How Much Stuff Do You Have?

  1. One of my goals this year is to declutter and get rid of items that weldon’t use anymore. We have been together for almost five years, and have accumulated items. A lot of items were hand me downs, other items were purchases that we don’t want anymore, or just stuff bought during college. Clutter gives me panic attacks, so really trying to minimize this year.