How Much Will Men Spend on Mom this Mother’s Day?

mother's dayWhat’s the most important holiday for consumers in May? Hopefully, you didn’t forget Mother’s Day before you answered – because when it comes to spending, Mom is a big deal every year. In fact, it’s the second most expensive holiday next to Christmas. Research from the National Retail Federation’s Mother’s Day survey shows that the holiday is even more expensive for the average male.

Not only will two-thirds of us be buying for our own mothers; half of us are also buying for our wives. It’s not a surprise that the average guy is budgeting over $200 for the two most significant women in our lives.

If you are wondering what your peers are spending their dough on, here’s a look at the average guy’s budget.


Roughly 4 out of 5 of us are planning on getting a card for the moms in our lives. That makes the greeting card industry the most used for the mom celebrating male. It’s also one of the least expensive. Since most will be purchasing at least two cards, our average card budget is a mere $7.07.


Let’s be honest. A greeting card is better than nothing, but most of us expect that a card isn’t going to be enough. That’s why 3 out of 4 men are headed to the florist to make flowers the second most popular gift for mom. With an average budget of almost $22 total, flowers seem like a reasonable gift choice and a frugal one as well.

Out to Dinner

If the average guy’s budget was $30, this article wouldn’t be all that interesting. It’s the big purchases that really make the average budget so extreme. One of the more expensive items is taking mom out to dinner.

Slightly less than 2 in 3 guys plan on a night out with mom. However, the average budget for men headed out to the restaurant is $55, or nearly twice the card and the flowers put together. Perhaps, making a meal for mom would be a little gentler on the wallet?


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, or so they say. Men definitely believe it. Slightly less than 1 in 2 guys are headed to the jewelers to spend an average budget of over $120. By far, jewelry is the gift that guarantees an inflated budget. If you are headed for precious stones or metals, I hope you’ve been planning. Last minute purchases are likely to cost you more than what would be paid by those who have been planning a purchase.

Mother’s day is important to us guys. It’s an opportunity to focus on the women most important in our lives. However, not all budgets are created equal. The most popular gifts are not always the best ideas where our wallets are concerned. Keep your eye on the receipts, because credit card surprises can easily defeat your Mother’s Day plans.

8 Responses to How Much Will Men Spend on Mom this Mother’s Day?

  1. Mother’s Day is expensive! I’m not a mom, but we have bought all the flowers, gifts, etc for my mom and mother in law, and it’s easily going to add up to more than $200. Probably $350.


    My birthday is a couple days before mother’s day, and I feel like I get the short end of the stick.

  2. Luckily, I don’t have to get my wife flowers because she thinks its cliche. I also don’t have to purchase jewelry for her. She really likes when I take care of the house and her car. I also will give her a card and make her dinner. It is about the thought, not how much you spend.

  3. Thank god I’m not a man and only have to focus on my mom. My mom is very happy with just flowers, so I’ll be good with $30!

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  5. Moms are the best, so anything can be done for her.

  6. In case you’re wondering how we know all this: Most of the data comes from , a startup that tracks US spending trends by studying the credit card transactions of 20 million American households each year. Bundle gets credit card data from Citigroup—one of its major investors—scrubbed of names and other identifying characteristics. We looked at Bundle data from 2009 for the biggest 100 US cities and noticed some fascinating foodie trends. For instance, Austin, Texas, spends almost twice the national average for dining out; five Detroit households could eat for a year on an average Austinite’s food budget. (See the full data here and here .) You can also compare your personal grocery budget to what you’d get on food stamps under the USDA’s “Thrifty” plan, the basis for SNAP (food stamp) allotments.

  7. Well, as you know, we have two little girls. Last Friday afternoon we did thier Christmas shopping and did so without a budget. I think it really depends. Our family is very blessed by the Lord and right now we can afford to go out and do what we want. I want to be able to do nice things for my kids, while keeping everything inline. I don’t want them spoiled or selfish. Likewise, if things are tough and times change, then a budget would be something we would have to go to.

  8. While no budget is the same, it’s important to start somewhere. Start with these guidelines (and that’s all they are) and tweak it to fit your needs. But above all else you must spend ONLy what you bring in, so don’t tweak it too much that you find yourself overspending again. This is where I started and I found that I was able to bring our family food budget down significantly. So I’m sure it’ll help in many areas of your budget as you find you can live on less.