Is Frugal Green?

If I were to ask you what are some ways that you can save money each month, I would guess that you could give me at least a couple of ways, even if it is just a simple DIY appliance repair. But if I were to ask you why those things actually save you money, what would you say? The obvious answer is “well, duh,” and something to the fact that they reduce spending or something to that effect. This is true, but could there be some common themes in living a frugal life?

Every week I try to publish 5 creative ways to save money. More often than not, these are ways that I personally use to save money. Some are ways that I heard or read about. In writing these weekly posts, I have come to realize that there is at least one common trend in many of my tips. So, instead of answering the ‘How’ question (How can I save money), I think I will try to answer the ‘Why’ question (Why do these things save me money). In other words, what is it about commonly accepted ‘frugal tips’ that helps me save money.  Here’s what I have come up with.

Green isn’t just the color of money

In my weekly posts, I have realized that many of my ways to save money are also part of environmental efforts. Is this just a coincidence? I think not! In fact, if you think about the basic philosophy of “Going Green,” it seems pretty obvious. Think of the motto that was ingrained into our heads as children (it was taught to me, at least): ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’ One of the first steps in saving the earth is reducing our consumption. Reducing our use of items or even using more efficient items is a huge part of both saving money and ecological movements. Here’s a brief overview of some of the green frugal tips that I have given in both my weekly ways to cut costs and other articles:

Understanding this connection between frugal living and environmental concerns can help us pinpoint new ways to save money.

What are some ways that you can reduce your spending? Are there ways you can reduce the things you buy or make more efficient?

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18 Responses to Is Frugal Green?

  1. I installed CFL bulbs and saw a significant savings in my monthly electric bill. Another side effect is that CFL’s do not give off the heat that incandescent bulbs do.

  2. Jackie says:

    There are some areas where I’m not remotely frugal, and others where I am. Usually my reasons for choosing the frugal route are that I don’t want to be wasteful, and that it saves money.

  3. Great post. Glad to see you have realized the benefits of being green. You’re right, many of the things we do to save money also help save the planet. Congrats on going vegetarian. I am one too- converted over a year ago. In fact, I try to be vegan most of the time too. Not only do I feel and look better but I also know I am helping out mother nature and saving money. Maybe we can swap some good recipes down the road.

    • Corey says:

      Thanks. Although, I should admit that I am only a “part-time” vegetarian, meaning that I limit my meat intake. I have switched to eating only organic chicken and fish. But yes, we could and should do a swap of vegetarian dishes. I have a couple that come to mind.

    • Corey says:

      “part-time” = eating meat maybe 1/2 nights a week max.

  4. Growing veggies will not work for me. But… I must ride my bike more!

  5. Ginger says:

    When we bought our duplex, the furnaces and water heaters were old and had to be replaced within 5 years. We knew this and the price for the place reflected this. We were thinking about replacing at least our with energy efficient ones and when I was looking up state programs, I found a program for low income people (we qualified) where they would cover half of the replacement, up to $5000. We had both sets replaced plus some insulation for $5000. We will get to tax the tax credit for half of it plus depreciation for the other half. Between the credit and the state program we paid less for the work, then if we replaced them for standard water heaters and furnaces. We also were able to get a 15 year loan for 3.5% and the savings in our utility cost should cover the monthly repayment cost.

  6. Buck Inspire says:

    You’re right. Saving does have a green theme! I use public transportation, I recycle plastic and glass bottles, and if I do have to use my car, I try and hit a few tasks during the trip to make the most of my drive!

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  9. adstalker says:

    Unplugging appliances when you’re not using them definitely saves you money every month. Only problem is Im too lazy and forgetful to put it in to practice. Thats why I bought smart power strips that senses when appliances are off and cuts phantom or vampire energy use.

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