Learning How To Learn

Through all of the years of schooling that we go through, many of us never learn how to learn. You read that right. We probably passed many tests and courses along the way, even earning our diplomas and bachelor’s degrees (and in some cases a graduate degree too), but we never really learned how to learn. Find out why this is a bad thing and what you should do to change things.

It’s Not All About Memorization

I’ll be the first to admit that for many of the classes I took, I simply memorized the information that I needed to know for the test. While this was great for helping me to pass the test and the course, it hindered me in the long run. Ask me just about anything from some of my courses and chances are, I currently have no clue what the answer would be.

When looked at learning this way, I wasted a lot of money. I received a college degree and didn’t learn very much for all of that money I spent. There has to be a better way.

Understand How You Learn

The better way is to understand how you learn best. Here’s a hint, it’s not memorization. What I mean by understanding how you learn is figuring out how you retain the most information. For me, this is doing the work myself. For example, I could watch a video on how to change my own oil. I could even sit there while someone shows me how to do it. But I won’t fully know how to do it until I actually do it myself.

For you, you have to learn how you learn best. Is it by watching someone else? Reading? Doing it yourself? The sooner you can learn this, the better off you will be.

Work On Other Ways To Learn

Of course, if you figured out your chosen way to learn is by doing the job yourself, all of your work isn’t done yet. See, you have to work on finding out how to learn by other methods as well. You can’t just sit back and only learn one way. You have to learn how to learn in different ways.

This might not make sense to you now, but when you get a job, it will. The company won’t change their teaching processes to fit your learning style. They are going to teach employees the way they feel is best and you have to figure out how to learn using that method. After all, every employee is going to learn a different way. It isn’t cost effective for the company to continuously change their method for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you need to learn how to learn. This is because throughout your entire life, you will be learning new things. The sooner you can figure out how you learn and use that as your crutch as you learn other ways to learn, you will be in good shape. But don’t make the fatal mistake of using that crutch as your lifeline for the rest of your life. Learn various ways to learn and you will go much farther in life and enjoy life that much more.

2 Responses to Learning How To Learn

  1. FinanceQA says:

    I think this is true for a lot of college graduates in the United States. Many of them just do the required classwork to get an A just to pass the class. Then upon graduation, they have the mindset that they need to get a 9-5 job to earn money instead of venturing out and starting their own business. Just my 2 cents.

  2. It definitely isn’t about memorization. I learn best reading and doing then asking questions to clarify.