Managing Structured Settlements in Secondary Markets

A structured settlement happens to be a great way to acquire partial payments for a substantial sum of money you have either received in a lottery or won through an insurance case or court settlement. There are many methods to get economic benefits from structured settlements but you need to properly understand the nature of structured settlements as well as the best way to handle them if you are the recipient. Danielle from CashFuturePayments discusses a few great ideas, have a look below:

Understanding the True Nature of Structured Settlements for Easy Handling

The first thing you need to keep in mind about structured settlements is they are structured in a manner similar to an annuity. A structured settlement is basically a contract that has been carefully formed by an insurance company to provide periodic payments over a fixed amount of time to the recipient of a particular lawsuit or lottery or any other sort of settlement arrangement. It is possible to schedule the payment of the amounts on a weekly basis or monthly basic or even annual based on the discretion of the winner. Therefore, it is not really hard to handle structured settlements since the entire process follows a fixed approach but you must be careful and retain a few salient points in mind.

Easy Way Out: Leave it to the Professionals

The easiest and most convenient approach towards handling structured settlements is to look for a good tax expert such as a financial planning professional or a certified public accountant. You might even consult a specialized structured settlement consultant or an attorney who possesses enough experience in dealing with such kinds of payment structures. However, since structured settlements involve a large sum of money, it would not be a bad idea if you consulted all three.

This approach comes with its fair share of advantages but you have to pay the professional fee for any help that you seek. So, even though you end up shelling out money from your own pockets, you get much more in return. If you have sufficient financial resources and are unsure about your own abilities to handle the structured settlements due to your ignorance about the subject, leave all the hard work to the experts and just sit back and watch them improve your finances exponentially.

Managing Structured Settlements to Maximum Advantage

Structured settlements offer great returns and so you need to do your best if you want to get more money in a simple manner. The approach you take towards structured settlements can affect the outcome in important ways and so it is vital that you have the right oversight while going in.

You can always opt for a structured settlement annuity that offers a payment stream which may even be tax-free over a certain period of time during the lifetime of the winner. In these cases, you can arrange for the remaining payments to be bequeathed to your surviving family members or choice of nominee(s) after your death.

It is important to note that you must never accept a structured settlement agreement without first vetting it against your own estate needs or tax situation and comparing the pros and cons. Moreover, you must have some idea about structured settlement agreements or seek counsel from a friend or acquaintance who has some idea about these agreements and understands them well enough to let you know for sure whether the particular charges or fees connected with that settlement are suitable to the overall amount of money you are going to receive.

You must always remember that the structured settlement needs to be purchased by the company or individual who is making the award or at fault. Therefore, this is the main reason why you should have an idea about how to handle structured settlements and have an expert watching over the process of selection right from the beginning when the award is declared. This decreases your chances of ending up with the short end of the bargain and missing out on more money.

Benefits to Others

You need to understand that others gain an advantage also through structured settlements. There are several attorneys involved in the process who structure their fees that is taken directly from a court award. This not only gives them an opportunity to postpone receiving their fair share of the award on a tax-deferred basis but it enables them to start building their own retirement funds. This is nothing wrong but it is necessary for you to know who else involved in the process might benefit from the decisions that you take in the long run.


According to Andy Murray, one of the most important aspects of structured settlements is the documentation. It is crucial that you handle it properly. No matter what you do, always keep the documentation in proper order and never lose them since it will determine not just the structure of your payment but also the final reward. The best part about structured settlements is that the buyer has no reason to appear in court and all the transactions can be done from behind the scenes.

You are able to reap plenty of benefits by following these points and keeping your structured settlements in order in secondary markets. You have no reason to worry since structured settlements are well-known for being one of the safest types of fixed term purchases found in the market at present and in exchange for your investments, you will receive great rewards that will aid you financially in the long run.

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