How Your Morning Routine Makes Or Breaks Your Finances

What does a typical morning for you look like? Are you running around like a crazy person trying to get everything together so you can just barely make it to work on time? Maybe you are the complete opposite and most mornings are lazy, allowing you to casually eat breakfast and read the paper before heading to work. Or maybe you fall somewhere in between. Below, I am going to show you how your morning routine has an impact on your finances, both the good and the bad.

Your Morning Routine ñ The Bad

Let’s say you run around like a crazy person in the morning. How is this effecting your finances? First, it could cause you to eat breakfast out since you are rushed for time. This means a higher eating out expense each month. And assuming the breakfast you get isn’t the healthiest, it could cost you much more in the long run when looking at your health.

From there you also might be speeding to work. This means worse gas mileage (a higher monthly fuel bill) and the potential for speeding tickets too.

And when you get to work, the impact doesn’t end. You are frazzled and aren’t able to think your best. You might rush some projects or skip over some emails. In all, you are costing yourself money. When you aren’t at your best, you can’t perform as well as you could. When it comes time for a raise, you are looking at a typical raise at best.

Your Morning Routine ñ The Good

On the other hand, if you had a good morning routine, where you had the time to eat breakfast at home and drive sensibly into work, you are saving money from the start. In addition, you are performing at your best. You think things through thoroughly for the project you are working on and become a standout employee. This nets you a higher than average raise.

Over time, compound interest takes over and you earn more money and can save more money, allowing your to achieve financial freedom. The question is, how do you get to this good morning routine?

Steps For A Good Morning Routine

The steps for a better morning routine are easy in principle. The first one is huge ñ getting enough sleep. This means going to bed at a decent hour each night. Figure out when you need to be awake (that allows you ample time to get ready and get to work of course) and subtract 8 from that number. This tells you when you need to go to bed.

Now, for some this might be a wake-up call. Don’t get too concerned with it though as this is more of a test. For me, 8 hours is too much sleep. If I sleep for 8 hours, I feel tired during the day. But if I get 7 Ω hours, I feel great. Play around with how many hours you sleep. Soon you will figure out the ideal amount of sleep for you (and it shouldn’t be less than 7 most likely).

Your next step is to plan ahead. Before going to bed, run through your day mentally. What do you have to get done? What hurdles might come into play. I do this every night and it really helps to calm me down. I know when I wake up what my day is going to look like.

The third step is to take away some morning routines and turn them into night before routines. This can be as simple as packing a lunch for work or even making sure your car keys are by the door. Some people might even want to lay out their clothes the night before.

The more you can do the night before, the less you have to do in the morning. This means the smaller the chance of things going wrong and your easy morning turning into a hectic morning.

Final Thoughts

Reading through this, it might sound weird to some to change your morning routine because it has an effect on your day. But it really does and the sooner you can make change for the better, the sooner you will notice a change in your life. If you can make the effort to make your mornings more positive, you will start to become more successful in all that you do.

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