Moving Overseas: what do you need to consider?

If you plan to ditch your current way of life in the coming months or years and take a long-term or permanent trip to somewhere else in the world, one thing’s for certain: you’re going to have to plan plenty of things in advance. Not many people can simply up sticks and move to their desired location – even if you were a millionaire, the transition just isn’t that easy.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when you decide to sell your house fast and becoming an expat; you could find that it’s a lot easier than you initially thought!


Do you research as to how much tax you will have to pay. Will you be better off if you become a tax resident of the country that you move to, or not? Will you be presented with the choice? Also, find out if any transfers from your bank account will be affected by your location – you may find yourself losing out.


What are the languages of the country you’re visiting, and will you need to learn them? Sometimes, you could find yourself in an area or city of your chosen country where English is as well-spoken by locals as fellow expats – that’s why the likes of Benidorm are so popular. Don’t be too worried if you need to learn – language classes are often organised by expat groups, while software such as Rosetta Stone makes the learning process easier than ever.


Do you want a job when you move to your country of choice? Those who plan well in advance ought to have a job waiting for them, not least because many employers can make the move easier for you by getting hold of the right documentation and even completing it on your behalf. Do not rule out remote working, either; as technology improves, so do the opportunities to continue working in the UK from a computer.

Tiny finer details you may completely forget

Finally, a number of little things are often forgotten until you’re forced to accept the way things are through adaptation. One of these is the time difference – if you’re in contact with friends and family, or have a remote working policy, will this be hugely affected? Similarly, how much would it cost for you to get back if you needed to? Are there any budget airlines you can use?

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