Saving Money by Planning for Extra Funeral Costs

One important way to pay for extra funeral costs are planning for them. However, how much do you need to have for this process? Below are a few ideas on how you can save money by accurately planning for extra funeral costs.

Understanding the Basic Funeral Cost

So what are the typical funeral expenses one would incur? According to the FTC, you’re looking at the following services:

  • The basic fee for funeral home and their staff
  • The pickup of the body
  • Embalming and preparation of the body
  • Casket
  • Burial fee – a grave site or vault fee
  • Use of the funeral home to view the body or for the memorial services
  • Hearse and limo fee

With basic or moderate costs, you’re looking at approximately $8,500-$9,000 easily. This isn’t taking into account if you help with transportation costs for relatives, programs, and newspaper announcements. This is why an insurance that covers burials helps relive financial stress.

So is Cremation Much Cheaper?

Keep in mind, the above costs are if you’re interested in showing the body and preserving it by burying it. Cremation, however, eliminates the need for embalming, a casket, a hearse, burial fee, and possibly the use of the funeral home for the viewing. So without these, you are looking close to $2,000-$4,000. This is, of course, a much cheaper route to go.

Advance Service Fees

There are other service fees that go into a funeral. Now, when planning the funeral, there are items and services the funeral home can arrange on your behalf. These include:

  • Officiating clergy
  • Obituary notices
  • Soloists
  • Flowers
  • Service programs

You’ll be charged not only the actual cost of these services and items, but also the time it takes for the funeral home to make these arrangements as well as using their money up front.  These are often the hidden costs of a funeral that most people don’t think of.

Note That Embalming is Not Necessary

One way to reduce the funeral fee is to eliminate the embalming portion. If you plan on burying a loved one within 48 hours, embalming is not necessary. It’s not required as far as public health concerns. Refrigeration is the only thing required up to 48 hours for keeping your loved one. The only state that does mandate embalming is Minnesota. It’s just good to do if you want to have an open casket viewing. You could reduce your funeral expenses anywhere from $495 to $1,290.

Take the above into consideration to plan for your extra funeral costs. You’ll find that you can reduce many expenses when calculating them out beforehand.

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