Top online resources for today’s accountant

Many professions require their members to continue with education. Accounting is one of those – partly because accountants need to keep their Certified Public Accountant license up to date. Of course, this isn’t the only reason to keep learning.

Having a deeper understanding of your profession and following the latest trends, tips and tricks can be a huge benefit for your accounting career. Here are some of the top online resources for today’s accountant:

Accounting Today

Accounting Today is one of the lead accounting trade publications that follows and reports on news for the tax and accounting community. Its website is jam-packed with quick-hit blog posts to in-depth features and editorial analysis pieces.

Those interested can sign up for daily or bi-weekly email newsletters that give an insider’s look at the top firms, accountants and products, in addition to other special reports.

Most of the content is free, but there are subscription costs for more premium content.

Accounting Coach

Students, small business owners or bookkeepers looking to up their accounting game should log onto Accounting Coach. The site has more than 40 million visitors who can hone their skills on a wide array of accounting practices.

There are dozens of topics to choose from, including “Accounting Careers,” “Evaluating Business Investments,” and “Financial Ratios.” Each category includes three or four subtopics, plus one premium topic that comes with a cost.

According to a sampling of testimonies, students use the resource to study for their accounting classes. Young accountants who have graduated from college and are now working used the resource to help study for the CPA exam. One person said he was laid off from a job and hunkered down and took in the whole site to learn accounting. He later landed a bookkeeping job.

Harold Averkamp formed Accounting Coach in 2003 with a goal of sharing his passion for teaching accounting.

Xero Accountant and Bookkeeper Guides

Cloud-based accounting software Xero offers guides for modern accountants and bookkeepers. Spend eight minutes learning how to move your accounting practice to the cloud, how to become a virtual CFO or why SEOis crucial to your accounting business.

The guides are written in a simple, easy-to-understand matter, and more are always being added.

One guide on promoting your value to a client breaks down how you can use technology and innovation to improve your independent bookkeeping business and then explains how to make a business, go through the legal structure and how to secure finances.

Xero is making a big splash in the U.S. after a successful rollout in its home country of New Zealand. Its additional resources, like the accounting guides, are a huge bonus.


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