Weekend Wrap Up – Exciting News Edition

January continues to be an exciting month. 20’s Finances was recently featured on one of the most popular financial blogs that exists (the Consumerist). As a result, I not only received lots of people coming to my blog, but other major sites linked to my site as well. Between that and the advertising income that keeps rolling in, 2012 looks to be a promising year. If everything continues like this (i’m sure there will be slow months), I see lots of potential with my online efforts.


Andrea at So Over Debt also shared some exciting news about being featured in a major publication. I think her news trumps mine.

If you are wondering what you can do about retirement, Young Family Finance shares the most fundamental aspect of retirement planning.

Joe at Retire by 40 shared his plans to increase his income online from his blog.


Below are the following carnivals that featured me this week. If you are interested in hiring me to submit your posts to carnivals, see my Corey for Hire page or contact me for more information.

Yakezie Carnival at Prairie Eco Thrifter
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie at My University Money
Totally Money at Family Money Values
Festival of Frugality at The Frugal Toad
Carnival of Wealth at Control Your Cash
Carnival of Financial Planning at Skilled Investor Blog
Carnival of Retirement at Retire By 40

6 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up – Exciting News Edition

  1. Forest Parks says:

    Congrats on your consumerist mention and the great 2012 start. Awesome to see the year starting so well.

  2. funancials says:

    Congrats Corey that’s awesome. Any clue how you wound up there?

  3. congrats-that is awesome news.

  4. Great news for you Corey indeed! Well deserved! You work really hard, so I am not surprised with your great achievements.

  5. YFS says:

    Great job on getting the link from the consumerist. Man, I wish one of the big guys feature my content one day. Great job Corey!