Yakezie Carnival – Mighty Ducks Edition

I am honored to host the Yakezie Carnival! Today is a special edition. It is a celebration of the community! It is within this community, that people’s dreams come true. Yakezie is a great place to be; everyone is supportive and will go out of their way to help you reach your goals. In light of this, enjoy the theme coming from the 1992 classic movie, ‘The Mighty Ducks.’

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it is an inspirational film. It is about a man who is forced to teach a hockey team by court order. When he first meets the team, he is lost to say the least. The team is literally competing against each other. They clearly aren’t a team! Throughout the movie, Coach Bombay begins to get the hang of it and teaches them to play as a team. The movie, if you ask me, communicates this importance of team. What better theme to represent Yakezie than the Mighty Ducks!

Mid Life Miser: Securing Cheap(er) Seats – A tip on how to go about securing cheaper (or free) tickets to your favorite sporting event

Investorz Blog: Is a University Degree Worth It – Are universities worth it? Is a degree worth the time? Is the graduation scroll worth the money? That’s a problem that many parents are considering nowadays especially after comparing the economic recession and the increase in college tuition fees.

Money Q & A: Four Places to Find Great Stocks to Invest In – One of the biggest complaints that I often hear is that people do not know which stocks to invest their hard earned money in. Here are four easy ways to find great stocks.

Thousandaire: Is a Small Business the Key to Being Wealthy – Learn from my experiences on what it takes to be wealthy. Is it better to own a company or work for a large corporation?

Sweating the Big Stuff: Why You Shouldn’t Do What You Love For a Career – Making money is great, but a lot of people say that if you love what you’re doing, you’re in an even better position. I argue with that and will make a convincing argument that doing what you love for a living could be a bad thing.

My Broken Coin: The Best Things in Life Should Not Cost You a Thing – Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on life, time, relationship and family. I asked myself one very simple question that was asked by humans a gazillion times. Can money really buy happiness?

101 Centavos: Centavos Dividend Update – Uptrend Update – The market popped a bit yesterday, and what better time to post a dividend portfolio update? Find out how my portfolio is doing.

Newlyweds on a Budget: My Biggest Financial Mistake – Everyone makes mistakes. But the biggest mistake I ever made was trying to keep up with the Joneses.

My Journey to Millions: I Don’t Understand the Safe Withdrawal Rate Discussion – I believe that for the most part safe withdrawal rates are simply academic at best and misleading at worst.

Invest It Wisely: How to Find the Home of Your Dreams – When we first started home shopping, I thought we’d look at different places, eventually fall in love with one and decide to go for that. The reality was actually somewhat different!

Living in Financial Excellence: Six Ways to Control Home Remodeling Costs – Diving into a remodeling project without proper preparation, however, is a risky prospect. You need to commit to planning and forethought to make sure that your modest remodeling idea doesn’t become costly. Below are some tips to get you started.

Live Real, Now: Black Friday Mayhem – In my mind, shopping major sales early in the morning with 5000 people who wish they’d have thought of bringing pepper spray is just an example of Hell beta-testing a new level of pain.

HowToSaveMoney.ca: Shopping Online: How to Stay Safe Part 1 – Use Protection – Here are some suggestions that are easy to act on and that will increase your safety level substantially when shopping online:

Money Talks Coaching: Why My Friend Is Charging Less Rent than She Deserves – You should maximize your income while living frugally. Don’t let being frugal get in the way of making money!

Squirrelers: Home Country Bias and Investing in What You Know – Many people tend to avoid international investments, and stick to their home country for opportunities. Do you tend to apply this concept broadly, and have a bias toward investing in what you know?

Family Money Values: Lessons from Ursula Burns – Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox – Ursula Burns was the first black, female CEO of a Fortune 500 company when she took the reins of Xerox in 2009 and she was raised in the projects in New York City (The Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side) by a single mom. How did she come so far? What can we learn from her travels? Here are some lessons from Ursula Burns.

krantcents: Break the Rules – Break the rules because that is what successful people do.

Penny Pinching Professional: Is Spending Money Necessary to Enjoy Yourself? – Some friends and I went to a craft fair and I ended up walking away empty-handed. My friend was genuinely apologetic about the fact that I hadn’t bought anything, leading me to wonder whether people believe that spending money is a necessary component to having a good time.

Money Beagle: The Replacement TV Vow – Our Black Friday (and every day) strategy on buying a new TV

The College Investor: Simplicity and Investing Success – How simplicity can define investing success.

Smart on Money: Retirement: Know Your Housing Options – As you prepare for retirement, one of your challenges is going to be figuring out where to live. The process of aging means that you might need special care as you get older.

Free Money Wisdom: Cut It Out America! – When we step back and analyze our income vs. our spending, and how our needs correlate with the two, it is sobering. Let’s start now with living within our means and beating the Marketers. We’re not drones, we’re intelligent human beings. We can fight the urge.

Finance Fox: 1 Year Blogiversary – I’m thankful for such a great support community of other bloggers, who continue to share their knowledge and offer different avenues of support. All the support, from all the bloggers (too many to name) is always valued, yet never forgotten – THANK YOU! My first year of blogging has been a memorable one and at the same time I’ve become a totally new person, with a fresh view on personal finance.

Control Your Cash: What coverage should you get when renting a car part 2 – Explaining the different kinds of insurance add-ons car rental companies charge, and why they’re largely a waste of money. We saved the best one for the end, one that can end up costing you more than the rental itself.

Money Is the Root: You Don’t Need Money to Do What You Want – I grew up in the 1950′s with gypsy parents – well, they really weren’t gypsy’s – but they claimed to be because they liked to go, go, go. We went. Every year. Two weeks. All over the States. They were poor, but they made it a priority to always travel for two weeks each summer – and take we two kids along. How did they do it?

Beating Broke: Give the Gift of Experience this Holiday Season – If you are tired of giving more “stuff” that people don’t need or the generic gift cards that people now resort to, consider giving a different present this year—the gift of experience.

YourFinancesSimplified: Lessons From Frugal Billioinaires – YFS highlights some of the tips, tricks and lessons one can learn from popular, rich but frugal billionaires

Investor Junkie: OptionsHouse Promotion Code (December 2011 – OptionsHouse is currently offering seven great promotions. For a trader’s experience on their platform, see our recent OptionsHouse review. In the 2011 Barron’s Broker Survey , OptionsHouse was rated very well.

Money Cone: Happiness Is Never Having to Pay an ATM Fee – This might sound too good to be true, but there are a few banks that provide the convenience of free ATM usage. I chose one that I believe, gives the best bang for the buck!

Funancials: Does Size Matter? – JP Morgan Chase just jumped Bank of America as the largest bank in the United States. Should Chase be excited or fearful?

Cash Flow Mantra: The Movie “In Time” and Occupy Wall Street – Had I not known that the movie In Time had to start filming last year, I would have sworn that it was written with the Occupy Wall Street movement as its primary backer.

My Personal Finance Journey: What Does a Passive Retirement Look Like? – This post explains one blogger’s desire to build up passive income streams in order to provide him with enough money to replace this 9-5 job and retire at an early date.

My University Money: The Black Market They Don’t Make Movies About – The majority of the “underground economy/Black Market” is actually common services that people simply perform for cash and then keep the tax man out of everyone’s pocket.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Mortgage and Newsletter Update #5 – I was able to throw on another $5500 principal payment on 11/22/11, woot!

Prairie Eco Thrifter: Eight Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays – With the bounty of food that magically appears on our tables with cold and wet weather, you can find yourself packing on the pounds and picking up bad habits. So how do you fight temptation and avoid putting “lose weight” back on your New Year’s resolution list?

Thriftability: Going Green? Five Mistakes to Avoid – Going green, spending less, reusing and recycling is great but make sure that you avoid these mistakes:

The Frugal Toad: Finance for Dummies – Credit Reports – Your credit report is used by a lot of businesses: utility companies, mortgage lenders, prospective employers, banks, and others. It is vital that you understand what information that is contained on your credit report and the companies that gather that information, credit bureaus.

Totally Money: Ditch traditions and save money this Christmas – Money saving tips for Christmas

Novel Investor: Savings Stuck On Pause? Pay Yourself First – Covers a simple and easy strategy to get those monthly savings goals back on track.

Frugal Living: The Frugal Home Buyer’s Guide – You know that buying a home is a big decision. Pondering this important step, how do you know if it is the right one? Unfortunately there is no easy way to know. However, by taking a look at your financial situation, you can save money to reach this goal of a new home. Here is some advice on how to shoot for this goal, as well as knowing if it is the right time.

[stextbox id="custom" bgcolor="cac8c3" image="null"]In the movie, Coach Bombay comes up with a create formation: “Flying V.” The formation is something that no one has seen before and is hard to defend. The players of the mighty duck team group together in a V formation and attack! The image is clear: together they can overcome the biggest hurdles.[/stextbox]

PT Money Personal Finance: Create Your Very Own Money-Making Small Business from a Hobby – If you have a hobby, and a little creativity, you might be surprised at the way you can earn money from something you do for fun.

The Amateur Financier: Mixed Bag Monday-Reaching Retirement – One in my series of weekly question and answer style looks at various personal finance issues. This one focuses on the biggest financial goal for most of us, reaching retirement (with enough money to have the retirement we want).

ChristianPF: How to Raise Money For Community Service Projects or Missions – It can be pretty tough to raise money – even for worthy causes – but these are some ideas to help!

The Milionaire Nurse: Not Your Usual Tire Pressure Story – Reminding my daughter to check the pressure in her tires ultimately helped me learn a valuable lesson.

Free From Broke : Get Your Credit Score…For Free – Your credit score is a crucial number to your finances! Being able to get your credit score for free helps you monitor as well as correct your credit score.

Thirty Six Months: Personal finance software – A review of two free personal finance softwares, Mint and Wave Accounting, which can be used for personal and business.

Smart Family Finance: How Much Money Does the Average Family Plan to Spend on Christmas Gifts in 2011 – Most of us will spend money buying friends and family gifts this Christmas. Information about the average family Christmas shopping reveals interesting details about when and how to buy your gifts this holiday season.

Simple Debt Free Finance: 11 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Bank – We want to find the best online bank that will meet our needs but with so many to choose from, it’s best if we take into consideration these 11 tips.

Personal Finance Whiz: How To Make Extra Money From Home With A Side Job – It can be discouraging cutting expense after expense to try and make ends meet or to try to get ahead.But there is a whole other side to the equation – the income side. Instead of trying to cut $500 of spending, why don’t you just make $500 more each month?

Money Reasons: Frugally Saving Money By Taking Advantage Of A Very Unusual Opportunity – Do you see dollar signs when you see roadkill along side of the road? I knew a guy that did, and here’s his story.

Wealth Informatics: Scrooge vs Santa : Gift giving is a huge waste of money! – If there is a division of the Government that wasted $82 billion an year, how would you feel? Every year that is how much we waste with the current state of gift giving. What went wrong and how to fix this?

BeatingTheIndex: Reliable Energy Production Hits 1100 bopd Milestone – A 100% junior Bakken oil producer crosses the 1,000 bopd production milestone bringing it closer to organic growth.

Darwin’s Money: Surprise! Here’s how the ROI on Your Real Estate Investment Can Crumble AFTER You Buy It – Just when you thought you’d heard every story about a real estate investment gone wrong, here’s an entirely new genre to sink your teeth into. See what happened to this ROI right after closing!

One Cent At A Time: 5 Steps to Fix Financial Failures – If you are in a financial mess, there are ways to come out of that. Here is the list of 5 steps to take to overcome financial failure. Admit fault, seek help, Manage debt, adjust spending and increase earning

Watson Inc: Broke People Afford Everything! – Your lifestyle is pretty impressive, except for the fact that you’re a financial fake. I just want to know one thing: how do broke people afford EVERYTHING?

Money Cactus: Wealth Creation Online: My Personal Finance Journey Interview – Jacob is the owner of the My Personal Finance Journey blog. In this interview he shares his his favorite personal finance resources, wealth tips and a bit about himself too.

Ducks Fly Together!

In my time in Yakezie, I have come to know a group of people who have helped me reach my goals. They have encouraged me in so many ways. I admitted to you all that I want to give blogging full-time a shot! I’m not quitting my day job (yet), but it is a new goal.

I hate to toot my own horn, but I want to offer another way where I can help you help me.

In addition to creating a second blog (Passive Income to Retire) which tracks this goal, I started a Complete Carnival Submission Service. In case you are tired of submitting to carnivals, let me do it for you. Submitting to about 10 carnivals per week is one of the things to which I attribute my recent pagerank success (20′s Finances got a PR 3 in 2 and a half months). Because I am confident that you will enjoy my services, I am offering a promotion:

*Special Promotion*: Free Carnival Submissions for the rest of the month. Because I anticipate a lot of people signing up for this promotion, I will start submitting your posts that are published this week (12/4-12/10) next week. This gives me some time to make sure that I have all of your information correct. There is also no commitment to continue the service after December ends either. In a normal month, I submit the posts that you publish to about 20-30 carnivals (over the course of 4 weeks).

If you are interested, use my registration form to sign up for this one-time promotion. Feel free to email me at 20sfinances *at* gmail *dot* com (or use my contact page) to to ask for more information on my service. You can also reference my Corey for Hire page for a little more information. Don’t wait too long because this promotion ends this time next week, December 11, 2011.


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