Flashback: Articles on Investing for Young Adults

In the past couple of weeks, I have started to brainstorm new topics and ideas for upcoming posts. Usually, I just write about what is going on in my life, but I have tried to be more proactive in writing articles that will help young adults with their money. It’s one thing to tell you all how committed I am to saving money, investing money for retirement, and all of those good things… It’s quite another thing to be a one-of-a-kind resource for young adults when it comes to money. Yet, that is what I aspire to be. And I am getting there (with the help of others).

One of the great things about a blog is that it is easy to see the newest content. Most blogs, like this one, feature the newest articles at the top of the page underneath the logo or navigation bar. Yet, the downside is that many great articles get buried. For example, if you just started reading this blog regularly, you might have missed some of the great content from 2012. In order of fix that, at least to a small degree, I want to start highlighting some of the old posts. This isn’t a ploy to stop producing great content. There will still continue to be at least three quality articles a week, but I’m hopeful that it will help many of you catch up on things you may have missed.


Want to Learn More about Investing?

Today, I am featuring many of the great articles on investing. As many of you already know, in the past year I have become more serious about investing money for our future. I still have a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean that 20’s Finances can’t help others in a similar boat. Here are some of the older articles on investing:

How to Pick a Stock 

Picking or buying stocks can be quite complicated. People have written thousands of pages on this very topic, but this post summarizes some of the basic things that you can do to make an informed decision.

Young Adult Retirement Planning

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be something just for older people. Young adults can start saving for retirement and have an even larger influence on their retirement than any other age group because of compound interest.

Important Values for Young Investors

Everyone holds different values when it comes to investing. Some take more risk than others and some take less. Find out what should inform your investment decisions when you are a young adult.

Different Approaches to Investing

Everyone also approaches investing differently. This isn’t a post about how you should respect everyone’s perspective because it is their own, but instead talks about the pros and cons of each one. Let this inform your investment strategy.

Fears that Keep Young Adults from Investing

Have you every felt like investing is too risky? I certainly have! Find out where the risk is so that you can overcome it. It can make a huge difference!

Investing is Like Baseball

I bet you have heard a hundred analogies for investing, but what about baseball. Strangely enough, investing is similar to baseball in a number of ways. Find out more!

Why Investing Fees Matter

Have you jumped into mutual funds without thinking twice about the fees. Find out more before you lose tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. This minor change could save you lots of money.

How to Invest Your 401(k) Contributions

People always tell you that you should invest in a 401k, but they hesitate to go beyond that. Find out specific recommendations on what you should do with your 401k and where you should put your money.

How to Start Saving for Retirement

Starting is half of the battle when it comes to investing. I know this to be true for myself. Once I committed to investing aggressively, I saw immediate growth in my net worth. Find out how and why you should start investing today.

The Value of Looking at the Long Term

Young adults struggle with thinking long term because everything is so new to them. Find out how you can benefit from thinking long term.

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  1. I appreciate the re-runs. Like you said, with so many posts it’s easy to miss some of the good ones. Look forward to reading and re-reading some of them.