With the economy the way that it is these days, it isn’t a rare occurrence for people to face layoffs or unemployment. I don’t think anyone would willingly embrace unemployment unless they were extremely wealthy. Because the U.S. doesn’t have an easy equivalent to this form of contract, someone should try to do everything possible to avoid unemployment. No one wants to go through a long period without any income.

Stay Active: The worst thing you can do in a time of uncertainty is to slack off on your job. You want to stay active at your place of employment because it shows your commitment to the company. If you do choose to slack off or reduce your productivity, when it comes to make difficult decisions about who your employer is going to lay off, you will have made the decision that much easier.

Take on More Responsibility: Fearing unemployment is not something to take lying down. You not only need to continue doing what you have been doing, but you should take on more responsibility. Volunteer to take charge of particular projects. Overseeing new initiatives will not only continue to show your hard-work ethic, but will make you that much harder to replace if lay-offs are imminent.

Prepare Your Resume: Last, but certainly not least, you need to consider the option of preparing your resume. While you can do many things to avoid unemployment, being prepared ahead of time will give you a huge advantage. Already having your resume prepared for the new job applications will put you one step ahead of everyone else. You never know what kind of difference this could make. It could mean the difference of months of employment.

While you may not be offered a compromise agreement with your employer, there are steps that you can take to avoid and shorten unemployment. The job market may not be ideal, but you have to learn to work with what you’ve got.