Part of me can’t believe it is already February. While this has many implications, it also means that July is coming faster than expected. For those who don’t know, my anniversary is in July and my wife and I normally take a week-long vacation around that time. Last year we went to the Caribbean, but I think we will stay closer to home this year.

While we aren’t necessarily struggling to make ends meet, we do want to be conscious of how much it costs to take an anniversary trip each and every year. We don’t want to give up on going on a vacation altogether because it is important for us to spend quality time together, so that means we have to be creative with how we spend money on vacations.

save money on travels

A view from a beach in the Caribbean

How to Save Money on a Vacation

Going on vacation and keeping money in the bank at the same time is not an oxymoron. You can accomplish both at the same time. All it takes is a little discipline and creativity.

Stay Local

One of easiest ways that you can save money when traveling is to stay local. Airfare is often the largest expenses for any trip. Eliminate this aspect and you can cut your expenses in half, if not more. Two years ago my wife and I went to Maine and rented a private cottage. By not flying, we saved nearly $1,000.

Limit Eating Out

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, we splurged and ate at the resort’s restaurant and ordered room service the entire time. It was a special moment, but we choose not to travel the same way every time because we can still enjoy ourselves while limiting the costs. Last year, we chose to eat out 3-4 times over 6 days. It was much more affordable and it didn’t take away from the experience.

Travel with Others

While my wife and I haven’t gone on a ‘couple’s vacation’ yet, this is a great way to lower the costs of travel. If you need to rent a car, splitting the costs of a rental car can save you hundreds. If you are bold enough to rent a cabin or cottage with another family, it can also drastically reduce your housing costs. It may not be the most romantic vacation, but you can plan to spend time along with your partner while also creating some great memories with others close to you.

Travel Insurance

While my wife and I typically take the risk and go without insurance, a viable option to protect yourself from large expenses is to get travel insurance. The last thing you want to happen is to get sick or injured while away from home and not be able to afford proper healthcare.