Have you ever been annoyed at how hard saving money can be? There are times that it just seems like tedious work that isn’t worth the effort. I know as a personal finance blogger, I shouldn’t admit something like this, but it’s true. Being responsible with your finances isn’t just about saving and earning as much money as possible. While it involves a conscious effort, it is supposed to fit your lifestyle. This means that it isn’t supposed to be too much effort that makes you give it up all together. I have learned this lesson the hard way and it has forced me to embrace a new philosophy: find easy ways to save and earn money.

Saving Money without a lot of Extra Effort

Online Coupons: Have you ever been told that cutting coupons can save you lots of money? I know I have… but it just doesn’t seem worth the time. Is spending an extra hour for each trip to the grocery store really worth the time investment? I don’t think so. Instead, I replace this with finding online voucher codes before I make any major purchases. By simply searching for coupons for the store before I make the purchase, I can find whether there is an additional 10-20% off. I only spend a couple of minutes and it can save me $10-20 each time, if not more. That’s what I call worth it.

Eating In: So many families, especially young adults, throw their money away by eating out frequently. Not only is this unhealthy physically, but it takes a huge chunk out of your wallet. This develops a bad spending habit that can cause you trouble later. Instead of eating out, focus on meals that you can make at home and eat for left overs. Eating left overs is easier than going out to eat and more often than not, it is more affordable and healthy than the alternative.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun and exciting. Find ways that can help your budget without  wasting all of your time. Making sure to enjoy life can provide you with positive financial results that will last long term.