When I first started out this blog, I went through a series of frugal tips. I prided myself with coming up with weekly tips on how to help people save money. I know that cutting your expenses is the first step to financial responsibility. Regardless if you are making more money, if you spend more money than you earn, you will be poor.

The only thing that I didn’t like about my series is that it was kind of boring. I know that my readers wouldn’t ever admit that, but it’s true. I’m not saying it’s not really helpful, because I do think they are helpful. If you are looking for creative ways to save money, you should look them up. In light of this realization however, I thought I would give you some more extreme forms of frugal living. In other words, this is what you get when you take Frugal to the extreme.

2nd Hand News: Instead of buying the local newspaper, wait for your fellow passengers to discard their newspaper. Why pay for something that someone else is going to leave behind in a little bit. I never buy the newspaper and will frequently get a free one on my morning train commute.

Same Cup at Fast Food: Instead of buying soda each time you go to fast food (hopefully you don’t go to fast food that often or at all), try saving your drink cup. If there are free refills, that means that you technically refill your drink when you return next time, right? 😉 While it may not be the most moral thing, people have to learn to survive on very little when their in college. We all know that water gets old and you need to spice it up a little every now and then. I know of someone who worked a shopping mall and she would save her cup from one of the restaurants in the food court – she never had to buy another drink and didn’t have to stick with water. The best of both worlds. (Don’t judge…!)

Shampoo: Instead of shampooing your hair every day, try doing it every three days. You are guaranteed to use 3x less shampoo. If you are worried about your hair smelling, there’s no need. When was the last time anyone smelled your hair?

Public Restroom: My college roommates and I always hated paying for toilet paper when we were in college. Instead of using the toilet paper at our apartment, if we tried to plan out our day and use the restroom while we were in college, we could rack up the savings. Sounds weird, but I guarantee you that I spent less money on toilet paper… It’s all about the money in the bank right (well, not necessarily, but you’re not giving up that much and you get a lot!). If you didn’t want to plan out your day, you could cut back on the use of toilet paper and save the environment as well.

Frugal doesn’t always have to be serious, but it can be. Extreme frugality means dedication to save the dough, no matter what. You don’t always have to go to the extreme, but it should give you an idea that the options are endless.

What’s your extreme frugal story?

photocredit: anyjazz65 via flickr