Are you looking for a job in college? Many of the best jobs in college are hard to get, leaving you fighting for a few extra bucks while in college. We all know that it is hard to graduate from college without debt and finding a job in college is one of the best ways to avoid it. Have you ever wondered what the best jobs in college are? Or maybe how to get them? Well, you’re in luck because this multi-part series is going to cover everything that you will need to get the best job in college. If you have already graduated from college, this series may be a reminder of what you missed out on. You may even start thinking about how to prepare your children to land these jobs.

Why Having a Job in College is Important

If you are reading this, odds are that you are looking for a creative way to earn some quick money. Everyone has bills to pay and not everyone has parents that can help them pay for it. Having a job in college will help you in so many ways. Here are some of the many benefits that having a job in college offers you.

Earn Some Money: A little obvious, but who doesn’t need a few extra bucks. Whether it is to buy text books or buy something nice for that person you are getting to know, having a job in college gives you the money to do those extra things.

Gain Job Experience: Do you know what the biggest challenge that college graduates face when trying to get a job after college? Lack of experience! Most employers want years of job experience for any decent job. By taking a job while you are in college, you are beefing up that resume. If you are looking to land a job right out of college, it is better to have the years of slave labor minimum wage under your belt. Otherwise, you will be coming to some harsh realities when you try to pay all of your bills with your job at Starbucks. You may get “lucky” and land a street canvassing job, but it’s not exactly the best job in the world when it is 20 degrees out.

Learn to Multi-task: If you think that life is only about juggling one thing at a time like studying for exams, you have another thing to learn. Graduation from college often marks the beginning of the juggle. Life comes at you fast from different areas and you will find it difficult to manage everything if you haven’t learned to juggle more than one task. Having jobs in college will teach you about prioritizing, to-do lists, and meeting deadlines when it seems impossible.

Discover Your Strengths/Interests: Having a job in college will help you discover what you are passionate about. It is one thing to learn something in the classroom, it is quite another to apply it in the workforce. By having a job in college, you can find out what you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life earlier rather than later. I have heard many stories of people graduating college and thinking that they want to do one thing, only to change their mind 2-3 years later. While you can always change your mind, by taking a job in college you can learn more about yourself.

What’s the Best Job to have in College?

So, enough of the boring stuff, right? I am sure you want to hear all of the juicy details – or in other words – what the best job is for someone in college? There are lots of options to choose from and that is why I am not going to answer this question this week. Tune in next week for the second part of jobs in college. Next week I will start with one of my own experiences – a position I held while in college. At the end of the series, you will be the judge of what the best job in college is. That’s right – I need your opinion because there are so many choices.