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Mistakes to Avoid in Budgeting

Mistakes to Avoid in Budgeting

If you are new to budgeting, this is just the article for you. If you think you have budgeting mastered, you may want to make sure you are not committing one of these mistakes. The simple truth is that everyone makes mistakes when it comes to budgeting and we should all do what we can to avoid these common mistakes. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Cut Costs – Week 5

I hope you all enjoy my weekly updates on how to save money. Here are five more tips that I have found useful to save a few bucks. Credit Cards: I have found that using my rewards credit card on most purchases helps save a little extra. The trick to actually making this work is not… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Cut Costs – Week 4

Do you find that no matter what happens, unexpected expenses come up? I certainly understand, and saving a few bucks here and there can help offset those unexpected expenses. Trust me, it all adds up. Here are five more ways to cut costs. CFL’s: This isn’t just any acronym. This represents the hundreds of dollars that… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Cut Costs – Week 3

Do you need to find more ways to save money because of financial hardships? Or do you like to find new ways to save more money? Here are 5 more ways to cut costs. Home Garden – Growing your own vegetable garden can save you lots of money in two ways.  It not only keeps you… Continue Reading

5 More Ways to Cut Costs – Week 2

Here is another set of 5 creative ways to cut spending.  You can look forward to 5 more next week. I am hoping to continue the Weekly Frugal Tips for months, compiling well over 100 (maybe 200) tips to save money. Brush/Floss Twice a Day – Even the best financial experts fail to include this one.… Continue Reading