Job I would Hate

Like any 20-something young adult does, I often wonder what my long-term career will be (if I have one). Sure, I may dream of being a self-employed business person, but it is hard to see that it will come true some days. While it may be difficult to nail down what I DO want to do for the “rest of my life”, it is much easier to select jobs that I DO NOT want to do. Most of these jobs are not only jobs that I would not want to do for my career, but also 1 day. That’s right, 1 day would be too long.

My Past Employment History

While I’ve had my fair share of quality jobs that have helped me get a later job without all of the qualifications, I also had one horrible job. I guess I should clarify that it is a great job for many people (and many people who I worked with are probably still there), but it just wasn’t for me. For 3 LONG weeks I worked in an M&M and Twix factory. Yep, one of the furthest things from my current job, but I did it. For a total of 3 weeks, I worked in a factory and I hated it. Part of it was the constant smell of chocolate (you would never think that the smell of Chocolate would get old…), but the other part was the horrible hours and boring work. My first two days consisted of a 12 hour shift (from 7pm to 7am), standing and doing a repetitive task through the night. Sure, I got breaks every few hours, but I hated it. I almost quit after that first day. But, I needed the money and stuck it out.

Jobs I Won’t Do

Because of this past work history, there are certain jobs that I won’t accept, no matter what.

Construction – There are plenty of people who enjoy working with their hands or being active while on the clock. I, however, am not one of those people. In fact, I enjoy not being outside in the hot summer weather or cold winters. I enjoy my comfortable work chair. When I think of construction work, I imagine that I would be stuck doing the worst job. While it may be cool to drive some of the machinery, I imagine myself hurting someone or myself. Besides that, I don’t think I have the body to manage it. I lack both the muscles and coordination with dangerous tools to manage it.

Politician – I know, I know… who wants to be a politician these days, right? I am sure there are some and it isn’t me. My introverted tendencies, inability to think on my feed, and lack of faith in the political system to accomplish anything meaningful puts me out of the running on all accounts. While I sometimes like to think that I would be an amazing President, the truth is that I don’t have the skill set, nor the patience.

Medical Doctor – While helping people with their physical ailments and the salary would be nice, the first thing that puts me off to being a medical doctor is the scientific focus. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a noble profession and area of focus, but I don’t have the interest or patience to learn it. Besides already being in school for 7 years (after graduation from high school), I cringe when I think about going back to school.

The first step in narrowing down your career track is establishing which career paths are not for you. I am halfway there and depending on some future events, I may jump into being self-employed. Time will only tell.

What jobs are not even a consideration for you?