What Makes the Best Christmas Present?

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas. I am currently spending time with family, but thought I would publish a quick post, asking you what makes the best Christmas present?

I hope that none of you are still shopping (are stores even open?), but when you are opening your presents this year, what excites you? What gets that blood flowing? Is it something really expensive or is something that relates to something you are really interested in? For me, it is the latter and here is a prime example of it. Below is a picture of a Christmas ornament that I received from my in-laws. I imagine I will get a few gift cards or money, but nothing says Merry Christmas like a small gesture that shows you care. I thought it was relevant to this site and I think you will understand why.

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6 Responses to What Makes the Best Christmas Present?

  1. Great ornament Corey. We don’t exchange gifts during Christmas, actually we don’t exchange gifts for any specific day (like Birthday, Anniversary), we buy each other gifts when we find something that we know the other person will absolutely love. Same goes for my sister and parents. Worked for us so far.

  2. For me, it is the thought that counts most. Sometimes it comes with a price tag, sometimes it is free. My dad gave me a whole bunch of family pictures and documents for Christmas this year; cost – free. Definitely the best gift I received.

    (I’m really into genealogy)