When It’s Difficult to Save Money

Hard to save money

Do you have a difficult time saving money? Saving money should be a priority for all young adults, but we all know that it’s not that easy – is it? While I already gave you easy ways to save money, it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t get in the way. In the past few weeks, I have been reminded of how difficult it is to save money in certain times of lives. I don’t intend to reiterate the reasons why young adults have trouble saving money. Instead, I hope to highlight the specific situations which cause even those with the best intentions to struggle with padding their wallets.

Illness – When you are laying in bed, sick with the flu, saving money is the last thing on your mind. When flu-like symptoms overwhelm you, the most important thing is your comfort. This means that you place convenience on the highest priority. Would you rather stop by the convenience store to pick up that necessary can of soup or drive the extra few minutes to the grocery store, where you can save a few bucks? My bet is that you would rather be in bed as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, I know this from first hand experience. My wife recently got sick and in order to take care of her, I made a few unexpected trips to the convenience store a block and a half away. On top of convenience, if you are required to go into the hospital or see a doctor, you’re health bills will add up fast (with our without insurance).

Summer – One of my favorite times in the year is the summer months. Not only does this mean warm weather, but time off from work. This means that my wife and I spend more money than during the winter months. In the winter, the cold weather often keeps us indoors and this prevents us from spending any extra cash. Thus, when the summer months come, I feel a little stir crazy with my spending. I know how to avoid debt, but it doesn’t mean I hold saving as high of a priority. Between the upcoming weddings, anniversary trip, and other much-needed vacation trips, saving becomes more difficult.

Bored – This may sound strange, but one of the easiest ways to save money is to stay busy. When my wife and I first moved to New Jersey, we didn’t know anyone and our options of activities were limited. It was either stay at home and entertain ourselves or go out and do something. When the weather is bad, as I mentioned above, you are limited to activities that you have to pay for. If you are new to an area or don’t have any hobbies or friends, you have little choice but to spend a little extra to keep your sanity.

So What?

You may be wondering what this means. Well, if you are having trouble saving money, it will be helpful to first identify the cause or situation that is the cause of your inability to save. If you are in the same situation, a higher level of determination to save may just be in vain. It may be necessary to avoid these circumstances overall. If it’s impossible (i.e. summer), it will still help your efforts to save money to be conscious of them. Most importantly, learning to save money means not just trying harder, but being aware of the things that make it difficult to do so.

When is it difficult for you to save money? Do you have a weakness?

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11 Responses to When It’s Difficult to Save Money

  1. As weird as it sounds, I have more problems saving money in the winter. I get bored as it is usually crappy weather and I can’t go outside. So I am more likely to buy a book or a movie or go somewhere. It’s actually one of the reasons I try to carry very little money on me–if I have to think about the purchase I don’t usually buy it.

  2. There are always challenges to saving money. Half the time it is purely down to self discipline. You might be ill, but will the extra 10 minutes taken to go a few blocks *really* hurt?

    I’m not perfect. I’m guilty of all of them. I’m just trying to put them into perspective 😉

  3. I find it difficult to save when it comes to getting things for my wife. I like her to have nice things and to feel like she’s taken care of, so I end up spending more than I otherwise would. I don’t think SHE would have a problem with this though 🙂

  4. I have a more difficult time saving money during the warmer months. I hate cold weather so I hardly ever leave home in the winter. As soon as it warms up, I want to shop, vacation, go out to eat (even more than I already do), pretty much do everything I was unwilling to do in freezing temps.

  5. Very nice your article. I think the best way for someone to acquire a good habit of saving is to invest your money quickly and correctly. Since I was very young, my father taught me to take some of the money that I did to save it. But they kept on the bench. He taught me to invest in stocks. It awakened in me the passion of saving, because I could see every day what happened to my investment. Then each month, expected a little more money from my parents to keep buying stocks. It is easier to acquire a habit of saving when it becomes fun and profitable. If you gain 2% or 4% a year, you’ll be bored and you will spend your savings.