Best of 20’s Finances

Looking for more information on how to manage your finances? Look no further. I’ve spent hours compiling some of the best articles published on this site so that you don’t have to go searching for the article that is relevant for you. This page will be updated regularly, so bookmark it for an easy way to access a lot of information.

Featured Articles

How to do Your Taxes for the First Time
Why Young Adults Need to Use Credit Cards
Why Tax Software is Better than a Tax Professional
Betterment Review: A Better Way to Invest

Managing Your Money

How to Break a Spending Habit
Five Ways to Achieve Your Goals
Valentine’s Day Spending for 20-Somethings
Young Adults and Money – Why’s It’s Important to Get Ahead
The Hidden Costs of Renting
Why an Emergency Fund is More Important Than Paying off Debt
Reasons not to Co-Sign on a Loan
Reasons to Lease a Car: Why it’s Better than Buying
Why Your Credit Score and Credit History Matter
How to Save Money
The Cost of Moving
16 Ways to Improve Your Finances
How to Spend Extra Money
How to Make Extra Money

Buying Your First Home

Reasons to Buy a Home
How Much House Can You Afford?
How to Save up a Down Payment 

College Finance

Issues when Moving Back Home
Four Way to Cut College Costs

Financial Aid Mistakes to Avoid
New Plan to Pay off Your Student Loans
It’s Okay NOT to Go to College
Why Tuition Will NOT Increase as Much as Expected
Earnings by Degrees Received
What’s the Best Job in College
How to Pay for Grad School in Cash
How to Enjoy Spring Break without Breaking the Bank


How to Effectively Use Linked In
How to Date Your Co-Worker and Get Away with it
How to Get a Summer Internship
How to Get a Better Job
How to Handle Holiday Parties
How Your Starting Salary Affects Your Lifetime Earnings 


REITs: What they are and Should you Invest in them?
How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

How to Pick a Stock
Young Adult Retirement Planning
Important Values for Young Investors
Different Approaches to Investing
Fears that Keep Young Adults from Investing
Investing is Like Baseball
Why Investing Fees Matter
How to Invest Your 401(k) Contributions
How to Start Saving for Retirement
The Value of Looking at the Long Term
Dollar Cost Averaging: What is it and Why to Use it
How Investments are Taxed
Investment Advice for Young Adults
Tax Planning Moves for Investors
Is Investing in the Stock Market like Gambling?
Things that Affect the Stock Market
Timing the Market – Should You Ever Do it?
Investing in the Stock Market vs. Real Estate
Different Types of Stocks
Target Date Retirement Funds
How Does the Stock Market Work?
Warren Buffet’s Investing Strategy
Diversification: How and Why to do it
Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA
Should You Try to Beat the Index?