Your student ID is a valuable thing. When you first get it, you don’t think much of it. Sure you can use it to get money out of some banks accounts (assuming it is linked) as well as pay for food and other items on campus. But your student ID is more valuable than just this. In this post, I will show you a variety of ways you can use your student ID to your advantage.

4 Ways A Student ID Is Beneficial

#1. Discounts

Many places offer discounts when you show you college ID. This includes places like movie theaters and concerts. You can even get a discount at Amazon for being a college student as well as on travel and magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Before you buy anything, be sure to ask if they offer discounts for students. You’ll be surprised to find how many places offer you a discount just for being a student.

#2. Savings

As a college student, you can open up some financial products just for you, like a special bank account. While the account is the same as the accounts the banks offer everyone else, the difference is the fees. Most banks lower or waive the fees for student bank accounts.

For me, this was great as I went to college on the other side of the state. My local community bank didn’t have branches out there, so I had to open up another bank account there. Having it not carry a fee was great as I didn’t use it that frequently.

#3. Shop Local

Many times, you can get a discount on things you are buying in your local area just because you go to school there. So before you assume Amazon or a big box retailer offers the best price, be sure to check out the local mom-and-pop shop. The price might be higher but when you take into account the reduced price from showing your student ID, the price might be cheaper.

I know in my area, there are a couple of stores I shop at that I notice signs noting a student discount of 10%. Most times their prices are already in line with other stores, so it would be a no-brainer to shop there as a college student and get the discount.

#4. Computers and Software

You can get discounts on computers and software by being a student. Many times the discount is 10-15% but in some cases it can be more. Before buying anything related to your computer, be certain to check around the company’s website to see about any discounts.

When I was in college, I was able to get a nice deal on a laptop for being a student. I also bought a copy of Microsoft Office at a discount because I was a student.

Final Thoughts

Having a student ID is a great thing to have in order to save money. You can use it in most situations, all you have to do is ask. Many students don’t realize just how often they can save just by flashing their ID. So get in the habit of asking for student discounts at all of the places where you shop.