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How Does the Stock Market Work?

young adults investing

Are you wanting to start investing, but don’t know the first thing about the stock market. Does it all sound like fancy made-up words? Don’t be ashamed. Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s much better to actually learn how the stock market works than to live in ignorance.

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How to Pick a Stock

how to pick a stock

How do I pick the most profitable stock? This is what everyone wants to know. While this should not be the first investment that you buy, it’s okay to ask the question. Since you are asking, I’ve already answered this question with specific things to look for. Since you are hear, you might as well as learn what it takes to pick a good stock. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not something you should do blind-folded.

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Young Adult Retirement Planning

young adult retirement planningDid you know that young adults should plan for retirement too? You can never be too young to start saving for retirement. If you are looking for great advice to get started and how to approach retirement, this is the article for you. It will help you understand the philosophy behind retirement savings. Big words, I know, but it’s really quite simple.

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Things that Affect the Stock Market

stock market influencesIt’s a great start to understand what the stock market is, but that’s not ALL you need to know. In order to protect your investments and avoid losing money, you also should understand the major players when it comes to investing. In other words, what may cause the stock market to go up and down. When you understand these basic things, you can start to anticipate where the market will go and act accordingly. There’s not magic formula, but there are some basics that you should know.

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Diversification – Why and How to Do it

DiversificationYou may be tempted to put all of your money into one stock that promises to earn you a bazillion dollars. But, history has proven that this strategy is worse than a properly diversified portfolio. You may not like it at first, but over the long run, it will pay off for you. Find out why diversification works and how you should do it to set yourself up for great returns.

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Why Investing Fees Matter

compound interest chartOnce you have conquered the basics and know what you are doing, it is time to focus on maximizing your return on your investment. There are many ways to do this, but only one is guaranteed to give you a better return: lowering your fees. While some investors may promise higher returns, lowering your investment fees will automatically start you off ahead. But, there’s a little more to it than just that. Find out why investing fees really matter and how to avoid them.

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Investing in Real Estate vs. Stock Market

real estate vs stock marketThis is a question for the intermediate investor. You are starting to look for the best return, so it’s only natural to wonder if real estate is better than the stock market. Should I invest in the stock market or should I branch out a little? This is a great question to answer. While the answer will vary depending on your location and unique situation, I’ve tried to help you answer this question for yourself. Don’t overlook some of the basics when figuring out what is right for you.

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