It’s almost here, the day that businesses created to make money show that special someone you care. Growing up, I remember getting “be mine” valentines from everyone in my class. As I became older, Valentine’s Day turned into a time when I spent money I didn’t have to show the other person that I loved them; not a smart thing to do, the going into debt part.

Now that I am older still, I realize that the best gifts come from the heart and are thoughtful. If you can turn a gift into a recurring gift on top of that, you are all set. So what are some thoughtful, low cost Valentine’s Day gifts? Here are 5 great gifts that may take some time in preparing, but will go a long way in wowing the love in your life.

Valentine's Day Spending

5 Great Low Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts

Date Night Cards

For this gift, just head over to Target or Michaels and pick up a pack of nice cards and envelopes. Don’t just buy some plain white ones, jazz it up a little. Price isn’t an issue as I picked up a pack of 25 for $5. From there, start thinking of the things your loved one enjoys doing the most, and the things you two love doing together. Write one thing in each card until you get to 12.

Then, on the each envelope, write the month. Each month your loved one gets to open a card and be surprised at what the date night for that month will be about.

Paper Towel Roses

I made these years ago and boy were they a hit. You can find videos online of how to make these, but simply put, it takes less than a minute to make one rose. Of course, I didn’t make just one rose, I made a dozen. And I also took the time to buy some markers and color the paper towel before folding it into a rose.

Long story short, my girlfriend was blown away. Not only was it a thoughtful thing to do, but that actually lasted “forever” as opposed to a few days or weeks compared to the real thing.

Open When Cards

This is along the same lines of the date night cards, but with a twist. Instead of making up dates, you make up times when your loved one can open the card. Some examples include:

  • Open when you are scared
  • Open when you need a laugh
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you want a memory of us

You can make up any occasion you want for opening the card, then write something meaningful in the card itself. Again, the thoughtfulness will blow her mind.

Cook Dinner

Don’t just cook a dinner of pasta, but make an effort. What is their favorite dish? Make that and set up the dinner table and set the mood. Take things one step further than you usually do. Don’t be afraid of ruining dinner either. As long as you make the effort, it will be appreciated.

After all, even if you bite in and realize the chicken is still frozen in the middle, you will have a great time and a memory for years to come. Then you can run to the pizza shop together and share a pie!

Do Something Thoughtful

Take a few minutes and think about the thing (or things) that are stressing out your loved one right now. Is there any way you can take care of these things for them? Maybe it is dropping off or picking up their dry cleaning. Maybe it is getting their car washing and vacuumed. Whatever it is, figure it out and go do it. They will be blown away that you took the time to help them out.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you don’t have to go into debt to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For most, it’s the thought that counts and by being thoughtful, you will stand out. Anyone can buy roses and chocolates; there is no thought to those. Take some time to find something really meaningful to do and show your love and appreciation in that manner.