3 Ways To Make Extra Money During The Holidays

Let’s face facts, this is the time of year we spend a good amount of money. Between travel, gifts, and food, the cost of the holiday season quickly adds up. For some, you budget throughout the year so that your budget can handle the increased spending. But for most others, we fall into the holiday debt trap where we go into debt this time of year and then pay it off over the first few months of the new year. This cycle repeats itself every year. The question becomes, how to we break this cycle?

The obvious answer is to simply start to budget. But not everyone is going to do this. For these people, the answer becomes earning more money. Luckily, the holidays are a great (and relatively easy) time to earn more income. Here are 3 ways to earn more income this holiday season.

Get A Second Job

Getting a part-time job this time of year is like shooting fish in a barrel. Many retailers need extra help over the holidays. With the added hours they stay open, the time off requests from their permanent staff and the simple demand for needing more help, you could walk into most any store and find they are looking for help.

The downside to this however is a relatively high amount of stress and not the greatest of pay. But if you are willing to put up with this, the hours are there. You just have to remember that it is just a few weeks and not a permanent situation.

One alternative to the typical retail job is to look for other companies that hire during the holidays. With the added demand from online shopping, UPS and other shipping companies hire temp workers for the holidays. The work is demanding, but the pay is higher because of this.

Sell A Service

One great service to sell is yourself. What do I mean by this? Everyone is extra busy around the holidays. As such, we don’t have the time to run all of the errands we need to run. You could become a personal assistant for someone and handle some of their errands. You can list your services on Craigslist and let others know through social media as well.

If you would rather not become a personal assistant, maybe you have some other skill. Maybe you are great at wrapping presents. You could get a job doing that at the mall or even for elderly people in a retirement community. All you need to do is find something that people need help with during the holidays and position yourself in that niche.

A final option is for those that play an instrument. You can play at holiday parties that people host. I have a friend that plays violin and he makes a ton of money around the holidays. For an hour or two he is a walking violinist and plays holiday music for party guests. For this he makes a few hundred dollars. Best yet, he gets most of his jobs through word of mouth. Many of the party attendees are the ones that book him for their events as well.

Sell A Product

One related step to the above is to sell a product. If you are a great baker, you could sell your cookies and deliver them to your customers. There are tons of parties around the holidays and most all of them have cookies. Or if you are good at crafts, you could create some craft products and sell them. There are all sorts of craft shows and holiday bazaars during this time of year. Just pay for a table and start selling your crafts.

Another option is to set up an online shop and sell your crafts there. While you might have a harder time getting noticed and selling a good amount of products, it does allow for you to reach many more potential customers.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, living the cycle of getting into debt over the holidays needs to be broken. While the best solution is to adjust your budget so that you can save throughout the year to cover the increased expenses, not everyone will do this. Getting a second job for a few weeks during this time is an alternative that can help you to cover your holiday expenses.

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