Ever since I started making a little extra money from my hobby (and realizing the difference that it makes on your monthly budget), I have been a little obsessed with different ways to make money. There is so much more that you can do with extra money. The idea of it being extra money can be dangerous though because it can encourage more splurging. I know that many of my friends would love to have a little extra cash to play with.

Extra money doesn’t just have to be splurging money though. It can fund a lot of responsible things. It can help you save for retirement, pay for trips to attend friends’ weddings, or even save up an emergency fund if you don’t have one. I am convinced that everyone can earn a little extra money if they put their mind to it. If you count up how many hours you spend watching TV, you will realize that you have a little extra time on your hands than you think. With that time, you can do one of these five things to earn a little extra money.

make extra money

1. Yard Work: One of my first jobs was to mow my neighbor’s yard for $20 every other week. There was no age requirement as long as I could get the job done and it was good money. I was a thirteen year old making $20 per hour. What’s not to like. Regardless of how old you are, if you can push (or drive) a lawn mower, you have access to a part-time job. I am sure there are several neighbors that would prefer to pay you to mow it than some company.

2. Wash Cars: When I was growing up, my brothers and a friend washed our neighbors cars so we could afford some new Nintendo games. We were motivated entrepreneurs and we knew how to get some extra cash. It’s not a mystery why a car wash is one of most popular forms of fundraising out there. It’s easy to do (it’s not rocket science and people always want to have a clean car).

3. Tutor: You may be thinking that you weren’t good in math or English, but before you put yourself down, ask yourself what you are good at. For example, TakeLessons tutors individuals in math and guitars lessons, which could be an option. My wife is basically fluent with Spanish and has turned down multiple opportunities to tutor children in our neighborhood despite having no experience. If you a skill/talent, I am sure you can find a subject matter to tutor in. People desperately want their children to succeed in school and will pay to make it happen. Why not take advantage of the situation and help a student at the same time?

4. Earn it Online: There many ways to earn money online, whether it is starting a blog or doing online surveys. Believe it or not, you can make extra money by doing online surveys. I generally avoid online surveys, but that is just because I prefer to blog. You won’t become the next millionaire this way, but a little extra money helps provide that financial cushion.

5. Give Blood / Plasma: There were many people in my Freshmen dorm in college who followed this route. They would give their blood or plasma in exchange for $40. I am sure it depends on what and where you are donating, but it can be a nice way to earn a little extra money. I tend to stay away from unnecessary needles, so it’s not my ideal way to earn a little extra money. You should know that there are also limits on how frequently you can do this. There’s no reason to sacrifice your health for a few extra bucks, so be cautious.

Making a little extra money will take a little extra time, but it’s not overly complicated. If you are short on cash or just want a little extra money to play with invest in your retirement, you might want to consider some of these options.